What if We ‘Re-Ran’ the Universe?


Would Life Evolve?

  1. Any “grammar” given enough opportunity(scale and time) will calculate(randomly discover) every opportunity (possibility) to defeat entropy(capture energy). The sun, distance, temperature, water-vapor, iron-core, moon, duration combination is looking rarer than I’d expected.
  2. It is extremely unlikely that the universe can produce variations other than the one that we see around us.
  3. The theory of many universes (bubbles) is unequal to alternate universes.
  4. We apparently cannot deduce from the information available the geometry of the subatomic.
  5. It’s more likely that some variation on the constructivist method (Wolfram) will produce information that suggests the underlying geometry, and that we can solve for the differences.
  6. Why? Mathiness is a problem in physics, and most “silly ideas” reflect limits of math.
  7. none of these propositions claim knowledge of physics, they claim only that the many questionable hypotheses we see put forward in physics reflect human ignorance of the constitution of mathematics (description, sets, deduction) and computation (construction by operations).

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