Learning P-Law vs Philosophy, Psychology or Sociology

There is a difference between mythology, theology, philosophy, science, and logic – and in logic between mathematics(existence), action(operations), and words(logic of lanquage). They share a common grammar but uncommon paradigms and vocabulary – from Inflationary to deflationary.

So what I do, what we do, is operational logic of behavior where decidability is provided by tests of reciprocity and testimony – that is what law – scientific law – consists of. Scientific Law, Natural Law, and “accordance with nature” and the laws of the universe are synonyms.

And so if you have had training in ‘literary’ thought it will be almost useless in understanding P-Logic and P-Law. Because P-Law is an operational logic (like programming), uses behavioral logic from economics, and legal decidability by tests of reciprocity, and testifiability.

Max Weber warned the social sciences that all fields would eventually be reduced to some sort of calculation. P-Logic and P-Law are constructivist logics that provide calculability in the behavioral sciences (cog sci, language, psychology, sociology, ethics, law, and politics).

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