No. Europeans Are the Chosen People


The Jews are not gods chosen people, Europeans are – because we alone discovered the word of god written in his hand, in the fabric of the universe, and we alone serve as the hand of God, discovering, adapting to, applying those laws, and serving God by his words – not by the lies of the jews. Abraham was a devil, jews are his followers, Jesus tried to rescue them, and Paul invented Churchianity, and Muhammed Islam to restore them to ignorance, superstition, and dysgenia.

-“@curtd Fabric of the universe you say, so how do you interact with this fabric and when did it tell you about Europeans being the chosen people.”-

1) They’re called the Formal (logical), Physical, Behavioral, and Evolutionary laws of the universe. The universe is made from those laws.

2) Men lie. Abraham invented advanced lying. Abrahamism teaches lying. Judaism, Churchianity, and Islam are made from Abrahamic lying. These lies do not correspond to the evidence of God’s word and deed. If anything, Abraham was a devil, and the Jews chose him as their god.

3) Only Europeans discovered, adapted to, and applied those laws of the universe, and the universe’s god.

4) Jesus told us how to tolerate those tragic laws: love.

5) Paul and the rest of the Jews converted it into magic and lies of ignorance superstition deceit, and servitude. The rabbinical movement reformed the jews to undermine our civilization as well, and Islam imitated Christianity as outright warfare, rather than insurrection against the indo-europea (Iranic and European) empires.

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