Swiss Constitution on The Organization of the Armed Forces As A Militia

Given the subject matter, and my concern about the necessity of militias, I’ll forgo my usual sarcastic criticism of european constitutions written like fairy tale menus in children’s stories. That said, this is all the constitution says:

  • Switzerland shall have armed forces.
  • In principle, the armed forces shall be organized as a militia.
  • The armed forces serve to prevent war and to maintain peace; they defend the country and its population.
  • They shall support the civilian authorities in safeguarding the country against serious threats to internal security and in dealing with exceptional situations.
  • Further duties may be provided for by law.
  • Every Swiss man is required to do military service.
  • Alternative civilian service shall be provided for by law.
  • Military service is voluntary for Swiss women.
  • Any Swiss man who does not do military or alternative service is liable to pay a tax.
  • The Confederation shall legislate for fair compensation for loss of income.
  • Persons who suffer damage to their health or lose their lives while doing military or alternative civilian service are entitled to appropriate support from the Confederation, whether for themselves or for their next of kin.

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  1. Dear Mr Doolittle,

    I write here in lieu of Gab which is in chrysalis form as it rapidly grows larger and stronger. I like what you did with your twitter handle (placing the gab address in it).

    In terms of Constitution making for our new nation, I recommend an easy win: reaching out to Barnes Law. He may not have the time or inclination to work with you but he will point to those who can. You may find value in the “Indian Laws” to hive off urban areas – reservations in so many words, semi-autonomy but no independent offence or foreign policy. Can also be used for non-white allies who do not wish to live with The Crazy. Imagine most of the middle of the former nation attached to the sea at three points: Houston, Juneau, and Manitoba. Buffer states of blacks not willing to live with The Crazy can buttress East of Houston. Buffer states of Mexicans not wanting to live with the crazy can buffer west of Houston. Asians south of Juneau, Quebecers East of Manitoba and so on.

    Every minority with a grievance against the Enemy could be offered land and protection, no need to offer either soldiers or taxes for our military, we grant them free in exchange for trade, limited travel, no citizenship and no independent foreign policy.

    Also, as you work on the laws, I have the roadmap to get there:

    1. destroying the pre-Trump GOP by primarying the weak and if we lose, a spoiler 3rd party awaits in the general
    2. Digital Separation en route to political and physical separation
    3. 3rd party advancing the cause of Partition.
    a: A convention of states where we logically divide the nation
    b: A constitutional amendment providing for the long needed mechanism for secession (it was always there in the unenumerated powers)
    c:A supreme court challenge to Texas v White
    d: A Senate treaty ceding territory to the new nation
    e: An appeal to the UN Treaty of which the US is a signatory and which has been invoked by the US in many instance to split up other countries

    The Enemy is panicking. Advance the line.

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