Dr James Tour’s Use of Critique to Justify Miracles

This is not a refutation of abiogenesis. It’s a claim of the absence of evidence of the sequence of molecular organization is evidence of absence of a sequence of molecular organization. It’s a claim that the recombination of standard model particles, elements, and molecules and systems of molecules cannot occur by the single causality of the defeat of entropy (producing equilibria). The observable evidence is that all primary forces, the hierarchy of equilibrial states that evolve from them (‘particles’, atoms, molecules, biomolecules on up) consist of recombinations that are in fact, observably possible, but we are as yet as unsure of the sequence of combinations that produced life as we are the geometry of the primary forces. This is very likely because (a) massive parallelization of elementary and molecular permutations (b) recombination of non-trivial resulting combinations, (c) information loss of inessential biomaterial during subsequent evolution. In other words, the evolutionary sequence is nontrivial. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to discover, given that we can find nothing that we can’t explain that isn’t a function of either the lack of sufficient information to produce a testable theory, or the cost of testing those theories given the vast number of trials that would need to be run, until we know enough to run tests by simulation (calculation, computation, simulation). And the reason for both our ‘ignorances’ is quite simple: we cannot use deduction given the information available from acts of inspection using the tools available to us, so we have to use computable permutation (bottom up trial and error) until we do, and that will require a lot of computing power and a lot of time. In simple terms, the fact that equilibria do exist at increasing levels of complexity (subatomic, atomic, molecular, biomolecular, on up) is evidence that anything that IS computable (can evolve) from any given state will eventually be computed (evolve) as long as each step in the process produces a stable state. I don’t know why this is complicated. We face the same problems in subatomic physics, in chemistry, in materials science, in biochemistry, in consciousness, and in economics. These problems are identical because (a) we don’t yet know the primary geometry of the universe (we don’t know it’s number system or language so to speak), and (b) we can’t, therefore, calculate the permutations of stable states (under stable conditions – esp temperature). That said, yes, this “Hype” by attention-seeking students, researchers, universities, and the media, overstates just low little we know so far – and it’s offensive and unconstructive. And trying to justify the hand of god rather than that the universe is the mind of god and evolution is his means of creating tools (hands) by creating us, is just an attempt to defend rather ridiculous ancient supernatural mythology rather than trying to reform it with the evidence before us. Gods words are simple: it’s written in the formal physical cooperative and evolutionary laws of the universe for all to see if we can learn to read it. We have. The ancients didn’t. They invented lying instead. And the purpose of all of their lies is always the same: an attempt to avoid gods formal(logical), physical, cooperative, and evolutionary laws of the universe. The only actor that would advise man to ignore gods laws that he so clearly built the universe from, and all of us can observe and read, is the devil. For this reason, Abraham was the devil, jesus tried to tell us how to escape him, and the jews and Muslims continue to do his work. Because they teach non-adaptation to gods laws of the universe.

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