Notes on Dutton’s “Why Rising Schizophrenia and Autism Means Academia Has Gone Literally Insane”

My Notes


1) Yes. Fantastic. This is correct. (schizophrenia<- mutational load ->autism). Although I can’t discern the distribution of influence between load, the effect of those with load, and the effect of those creating ‘nonsense’ to justify their load, and the economic and political conditions that amplify the opportunity for expression of that load.

2) I usually don’t blame the present condition (reversing our historical market eugenics) on load but on the absence of regulatory institutions (a) manners, ethics, morals, norms, traditions, (b) marriage for ‘friendship’ not division of labor, (c) state insured single-parent reproduction vs intergenerational family, (d) mobile labor not provincial families (maintaining interfamilial relations within a territory), (e) Abrahamism v2 in marxism-postmodernism-anti-male-anti-white teaching female relativism, and the failure of Europeans to produce a rational and scientific competitor to Abrahamism v2 because the left was successful postwar in suppressing the eugenics movement, and the right can’t speak of natural selection or evolution in any terms. But increasing load would obviously make a lot of sense.

3) Postmodernism consists of the conversion of rage at natural selection to rage at whites for building a civilization that preserves natural selection via self-determination and markets, and conflating white preservation of natural selection and reaping the benefits, to claims that natural selection is an arbitrary or oppressive expression of power rather than the necessity adapting to the logical, physical, cooperative, and evolutionary laws of the universe.

4) Interesting: so you are saying that midwits (“Island 120 wanna-be’s”) create a status-seeking spiral. So all of these are spirals due to ungoverned limits – the elimination of selection pressure on IDEAS, Behavior, Reproduction, and the social, economic, political, and evolutionary consequences of elimination of selection pressure.

5) (humor) Please help me with your system of measurement. Is it “Witless > Nitwits > Midwits > Wits.” Human vocabulary generally disambiguates dimensions of perception (measure) into three, five, or seven states, so given the fourth, I’m missing the rightmost ‘wit’. 😉 – Curt (controversial) Doolittle 😉

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