Fashion Industry As An Example of Aesthetic Fraud

“Fashion” outside of the top houses (which everyone knows: Gucci, RL, and the 20 or so others ) is presently a refuge of dysfunctionality – where they can hide under the pretense of skill and talent, and virtue signal like the rest of the neo-marxist movement: The cult of anti-beauty.

When urbanites are desperate for unearned attention.
When shallow novelty is their only means of achieving it.
When ugly is the only remaining novelty.
Because investment in beauty rather than novelty means you conform to excellence.
But you are unable to compete by excellence.

Either one produces innovations and adaptations that increase craftsmanship, aesthetics, and content or not. The rest is a measure of the ignorance of the public just like pseudoscience, sophistry, and supernaturalism: “Snake oil aesthetics”.

There is a very great difference between student, amateur, craftsmanly, and high art (art proper). And the difference between good art and bad art is rather obvious. Novelty does not art make.

Art is no more subjective than any other discipline. You either understand it or not, and can distinguish truth, adaptation, and innovation in craftsmanship, design, content(meaning) from fraud – or you can’t. The fact that you can be ‘sold’ fraud in art is no more surprising than that you can be sold any other fraud.

Until now I hadn’t disambiguated “display” in “Reciprocity in display, word, and deed” as one of the principle means of fraud (physical: magic > pseudoscience, verbal: sophistry > idealism, aesthetic:(Undue Praise > Critique), and imaginary: Occult > Supernaturalism(theology).

But it’s interesting that I can’t think of established terms for fraud by aesthetics – so perhaps that’s an interesting insight: that Female > Jewish > Marxist > Neo-Marxist Undue-Praise(Fraud) > Critique(Undermining), is one of the insights I hadn’t counted on.

This is crushing to the continuing marxist-pomo-pc/woke – anti-civilization – Anti-White movement.

No criminal practicing any form of previously tolerated fraud will accept and tolerate that they are cast as criminals.

(BTW: The philosophy of art was my first philosophical subject matter back in the late 70’s. It’s the first discipline to which I applied disambiguation down to the first causes: investment.)

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