Answers to India’s Questions to Zeihan with My Adds.


The idea of becoming a major power is gone. India is the dominant power in its region. It has the ability to regulate trade in the region. And india can take advantage of it. India is one of only six countries that is developed and not having a population collapse. India is one of a dozen countries that will not have to face an energy crisis. In other words, India is navally to Eurasia as Byzantium was to Europe and the middle east and asia.

(CD: the question is whether india can convert from a ‘follower’ country(civilization) to a leader country(civilization). This inabilty to convert to a ‘leader’ civilization is the reason for the repeated historical conquests of india. So, in my opinion, it’s a cultural ‘habit’ or ‘tradition’ that must be overcome. In the institutional formation process, india chose unorganized religion, which of state and power, or law and commerce, is the weakest organizing principle. It’s in many ways beautiful. Harmonious. But it is also vulnerable, and cannot seize opportunities.)

India is a loose empire, and must mirror the European tradition, of different states (regions) specializing in different production – that need only, like Germany, be unified by rail.

Thanklessness of the world, and the maltreatment of ordinary americans. Enabling the EU and Canada to undermine the western culture by virtue-signaling that they’re superior, but making Americans pay for the cost of the international order. The cost of maintaining a world military. The trauma of soldiers returning from the middle east. The destruction of the white middle, working, and laboring classes by the offshoring of their labor, paid for the overexpansion of national debt. The American Government is more concerned with the international than the domestic. The left has succeeded in immigrating enough of the third world to create social, cultural, political, and economic breakdown. An empire only survives because it profits from creating an international order. The American world order was not created for the purpose of creating an empire from which it would profit. It was created for the purpose of paying countries to be on our side against marxism communism. Yet there is no reason to pay other countries, pay for the world order, without compensation, and there is no possible means of obtaining that compensation from the world.

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