Staying on Message: Chastizing the Losing Right

I’m still here. I’ll always be here. And I’ll continue to ridicule you dumb fucks for being dumb fucks, because you give a shit about optics generated by the enemy, to bait you once again, into continuing to destroy your leadership, as you wait for Jesus or Hitlers who will never and can never come.
I did, we did, what needed doing. We got crashed by BLM, we didn’t take the bait. I did the smart thing, and we didn’t have a Charlottesville, didn’t even get bad press, but you morons let the left take videos, edit them, and fool you dumb fuks.
The only thing that went wrong is that I failed to understand just how f–king stupid, shallow, emotional, and ignorant you idiots are. Which was an eye opener for me. It’s why we gave up on you. It’s why your elites gave up on you. It’s why your government gave up on you. It’s why the whole world laughs at you for being the losers you are.
Then you ass-clowns raid the capitol building and justify your oppression because you had no plan, gave no speech, issued no demands, didn’t launch a political movement, didn’t seize the conversation, I mean, the right really is the dumb fucks of the universe. Seriously. The minute I knew who was running that sh-t show I knew what would happen.
You think what you want or that your approval matters – as if you’re hot chicks. But you’re the anal leakage of the world political movements. No one wants you. They’re letting you die off. Because You aren’t GOOD ENOUGH to get a leader. You want everything your way but every one of you wants something different. You won’t team up. You won’t shut up. You tear down anyone who gets ahead becaus nazis, nats, civnats, catholics, and fundamentalists are spoiled little fucks who want everything their way despite having nothing to trade, no courage, no money, no effort.
You don’t donate money to leadership. You don’t show up. You don’t hold the line. You want petty violence that only justifies your further oppression. You always fall for the enemy’s bait. You don’t defend your leaders when they stand up no matter what they do. You’re shit. Because white privileges is true. You think you’re deserving. You aren’t. Your ancestors might have been. But you aren’t. You have to DEMONSTRATE your deserving by paying the costs of revolutionary action.
We took responsibility for you. We tried to make you losers into a viable political movement. It wasn’t my idea, it was John and Others. It was John’s populist movement. It was just my work he built it on. But you wouldn’t donate to him so he couldn’t take over as the face of his own movement.
We were imitating the founders. It’s legal. They couldn’t stop us. We had a strategy, a plan, we had a message, we had policies, we had the timing – and it would have worked. Instead, Trump lost, the enemy is in power, you’re silenced, and they’re running the clock down on your genetics.
You’re the problem. So shut up, man up, pay up, show up, and support any and every leader with any and every plan that can move the needle. Or continue to get owned by every non-white and every white liberal and their enabling men-without-chests.

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