We Know the Origin of Religiosity


RELIGIOSITY is a by-product of the necessity of both predator and prey, whether solitary or social, to overestimate agency in phenomena so as to not be the victim of it when it exists. Ergo prey response should (and does) increase religiosity, and religion does produce mindfulness.

Given the distribution of Predator(male) and Prey(female) cognitive biases both in individuals and collectively in the population it is illogical to demand universal religion or atheism, and instead, we must either separate or produce a narrative of mindfulness that is not false.

It’s worth noting that there is no substitute for trifunctionalism and a universal military, universal religion, universal law, such that we demonstrate loyalty to eachother in various rituals even if we hold the opposite cognitive bias. This was the solution for the ancients. It creates a balanced person dutiful in all three dimensions of cooperation.

The reason the West will lose is Christianity. Because it’s is the reason we lost before. Woke just repeats the same strategy as did Christianity two thousand years ago – it’s just pseudoscientific rather than supernatural. The unfit beg for it. Because they know they are prey.

Only the Aristocracy was ever ‘European. Everyone else was a peasant that rode on their coattails. Aristocracy does not experience life as prey but as predator. Not as not as suffering but as Opportunity. Not as fear but as Heroism. To seize our time, and to squeeze from it every opportunity to leave a mark on history for having lived it.

What is the percentage of aristocracy remaining regardless of class? 1%? 2%

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