A religion doesn’t require the supernatural

SAM HARRIS: A religion doesn’t require the supernatural, it requires a false promise (fraud) of freedom from the formal, physical, behavioral, and or evolutionary laws, using the four means of narrative deception: occult-to-theology, sophistry-to-idealism, magic-to-pseudoscience, or ordinary fraud and denial, in exchange for the conduct of social warfare against ‘others’. It’s the cheapest means of warfare available to humans. And it’s (uncomfortably) a derivation of the female means of warfare by undermining (reputation destruction) of dominant males, by the weaponization of female anti-social behavior.

The supreme court, unfortunately, didn’t understand this and therefore didn’t outlaw communism as a religion (which it was) and therefore gave license to the evolution of marxism to neo-marxism, postmodernism, anti-male feminism, pc-woke, anti-western, anti-white, anti-male sequence of the institutionalization of warfare against the institutions of cultural production using the female means of warfare, by the female means of anti-social behavior, by the undermining (canceling) of reason, science, and truth.

The ‘left’ uses false promise (fraud) of freedom from scarcity, from the nature of man (amoral), the variation in man (intelligence, personality, empathizing-systematizing, sex, class, culture, civilization, race), the malleability of man (especially nature-vs-nurture), the evolutionary laws (genetic load, regression to the mean, natural selection, necessity of defeating the red queen, limited time to do so).

They do so with the female (mother’s) means of seduction using false promise, by storytelling (suggestion), pilpul (sophistry), critique (undermining), failure to propose an equally criticizable solution, and denial. And the goal is as always infantilization to preserve female means of coercion, and the construction of dependence, generating demand for authority.

Our law simply emphasized male anti-social behavior leaving mothers, aunts, fathers, and husbands, to regulate female antisocial behavior. We introduced women into the polity, and allowed the Frankfurt school into the states, without equally suppressing the female method of anti-social behavior, and the weaponization of anti-social behavior into warfare against the institutions of cultural production that made the west discover, innovate, adapt, and evolve faster than all other civilization combined in the bronze, iron, and steel ages, with a brief period of Christian dark ages as a barrier that took a thousand years to (largely) overcome.


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