Bernardo Kastrup is Embarassing


OMG it’s embarassing. Bernard Kastrup is almost as bad as Rupert Sheldon. Look, your nerves and neurons do one thing: measure variations with pulses. Your nervous system runs a competition (economy, war) for internal consistency and external correspondence over time between those millions of pulses. This is why despite what (rather sophomoric) philosophers have argued, the camera obscura, and our ability to estimate spatial relations from it, demonstrates there is no difference between perception and reality. There is however a difference between VALUE AND PREFERENCE. that mental ‘feeling’ is just what nerves and neurons can produce to get attention by differentiation from other neurons. That’s all. In other words, all intelligent life forms, capable of intertemporal recursion would converge over time DESPITE differences in embodiment. Kastrup also has ‘it wrong’: science is just the migration of testimony and evidence in court from the law to the physical and behavioral sciences – TO PREVENT LYING by philosophers (sophists) and theologians (liars). Science produces testimony that is commensurable despite our differences in knowledge, value, and priority. Because the only value of sensation, perception, valuation, attention, and permutation is ACTION in the real world. In legal and scientific terms, the technique Kastrup relies upon is the same one that makes possible the Abrahamic religions: critique to undermine all existential evidence by sewing fear uncertainty and doubt, with the false promise of some other means of priority – value and preference – that is open to deception by suggestion. There are there primary methods of lying by the pretense of knowledge one does not have and cannot testify to: The physical: Magic to pseudoscience, the verbal: sophistry to idealism (philosophy), and imaginary: occult to supernaturalism (theology). Whenever someone uses the techniques of false promise, pilpul (sophistry), and critique (undermining) with one or more of the methods of the pretense of knowledge: pseudoscience, Sophistry(idealism), or theology, you know the person is lying because one must lie in order to claim he states the truth when his claims are untestifiable and he by definition CANNOT claim it is true.

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