The Consequences of The Search for Truth


1) The reason I generated so much hate, and was framed as someone with hate, is the result of my exhaustive application of the scientific method. Why? Popper. “Sources of Knowledge and Ignorance”, and Critical Rationalism: research the greatest returns.

2) What falsehoods contain the greatest opportunity beause they provide the greatest source of ignorance: The SACRED and the CONVENTIONAL and the TABOO. So I used exhaustive adversarial falsification of the sacred, convential, and the taboo.

3) The internet provided a new research opportunity that before was impossible to afford. However, using the internet like using any other method of surveys, relies on self reporting. Self reporting is always biased and false. So how do we get people to speak trutfully? Conflict.

4) So I developed King Of The Hill Games to generate conflict. I would assert statements that would bait people into conflict. And I’d attack the same sacred, convention, or taboo from mutliple angles multiple times. This caused moral panic and attracted large numbers of people.

5) The secret is to ‘exhaust the conversation’ because it is only just before people give up. When they are exhausted. When they are desparate, but still in moral panic, that they expose their most reductive -most truthful – intuitions.

6) The method you use to exhuast their dishonesty, particularly with those in moral panic, who then use GSRRM to disapprove, shame, adhom, lie, evade, and deny, is to reflect their insult, and then restate the central argument. It’s painfully time consuming. That’s why it’s hard.

7) This strategy was extremely successful even among people who understood what I was doing. It also makes people hate you like they (can) hate therapists and (do) prosecutors.

8) So in one’s search for truth it’s a brutally unnpleasant method of circumventing the sacred, conventional, and taboo, in order to discover the first principles that cause us to avoid inquiry into the sacred, conventional, and the taboo. The abyss in the mirror gazes back.

9) However, as we can see, that by eliminating these sources of ignorance, we discover those first principles, that allow us to see what had henceforth been obscured. And in doing so discover how to solve the great problems of the day.

10) It’s painful. It makes people hate you. It makes people avoid you. But in the end, if you deliver them from evil, by that work, you can often be tolerated if not quite forgiven. 😉

At least sometimes. 😉

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