The Female and Jewish Method of Warfare as The Cause of Western Decline




The touchy topic of the female method of anti social behavior, scaled up to political warfare, and the Ashkenazi use of the female method of warfare. This is a very important, but difficult discussion I try to handle with as little ‘blame’ as possible.


1. We’re all bots – we don’t know why we do what we do.

2. We’re all running cultural software we don’t understand – it’s a group evolutionary strategy, expressed as a group organizing strategy, expressed as metaphysical presumptions.

3. We biologically adapted to that software over the millennia

4. That software biases the male (European) vs the Female (Jewish) group strategies.

5. This is the maximum adaptive difference possible for human beings because sex differences are the maximum difference in human beings interests.

6. European civilization, precisely because it’s a trifunctional market for competing elites(Tolerance) is an OPEN society – the ONLY open society – and makes it possible for the Female and Jewish method of conflict to be weaponized.

7. Female Enfranchisement, Jewish Immigration, and The Frankfurt school migration to (Jewish Stronghold) New York, invited the female method of anti-social behavior, and war into the USA, where the failure of marxism to weaponize the underclass, could be used to weaponize the black class, women, and then to immigrate vast numbers of equal hostiles.

8. We allowed a competing completely inverse and hostile feminine elite, and enfranchised their natural genetic audience of women into economy and polity, without equally suppressing the female method of anti-social behavior in our laws and institutions.

9. The result was the Marxist – Neo-Marxist – Pomo – anti-male feminist – anti-white, anti-male PC-Woke – Anti west , Anti-white, Anti Male, Anti European, Anti-Indo European – Dysgenic, Devolutionary, Hyperconsumptive – Undermining, Deconstructive, female strategy loose.

10. This has resulted in the repetition of the Jewish-Christian-Female destruction of the Mediterranean civilization, and the resulting dark age, as well as the Muslim reformation of Christianity into the destruction of Levantine, Egyptian, North African, Persian, Anatolian, Byzantine, Balkan, Northwest Indian Civilizations – as the most destructive force in human history. Worse than the great plagues.

11. This is a relatively easy fix because the common law previously prohibited the female method of social superpredators’ warfare from use within. 12. So P-Law completes the evolution of European linguistic, rational, behavioral, social, economic, political, and juridical science, and allows us to equally suppress the female method of anti-social behavior and its institutionalization as warfare against European institutions of cultural production.

13. Preventing another dark age of ignorance, superstition, and decline. And our fall as the sequence of Judaism to undermine, Christianity to weaken, and Islam to destroy, have succeeded in so many other civilizations, by weaponizing the bottom against the middle with false promise of freedom from the laws of the universe.


INDEX: WARM UP TOPICS 0:18 Quality of Discourse 0:24 The Law 0:29 Global Alienation THE FEMALE AND ASHKENAZI METHOD OF WARFARE 0:31 Intro 0:36 Emneties 0:40 Bots 0:42 Circles of Competency 0:48 Bots 0:49 Male and Female patterns of warfare 0:52 strategies 0:57 Antisocial behavior 1:06 female warfare 1:15 Learned selfishness 1:20 Pull to generate polities based upon biases 1:25 Civilizational differences; metaphysics explained 1:29 India 1:32 Who to copy 1:33 women into the franchise 1:35 the modern state and the folley of equality 1:39 King of the Hill Games 1:45 Religion/Scripture v. Theology 1:49 Wisdom, Love and Religion 1:54 Social Constructionism 1:58 Wars against truth 2:04 Rent seeking religion 2:05 The Germanization of Christianity 2:07 Feminine style of warfare 2:13 female escalation 2:20 war vs social capital 2:29 Angry 2:35 Ticket to Moscow 2:39 preservation of separatism 2:43 Genetic, Cultural and Political continuity 2:49 Prevention of criminality 2:48 incremental suppression of female method of warfare 2:54 closure

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