The History of European Civilization in 600 Words

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Ancestral north eurasians. Counter clockwise rotation (climate). hybridization of the spectrum of European hunter gatherers. neolithic european civilization. Anatolian Farmer migration. Hunter gatherer reconquest. Indo European migration and incremental conquest from spain to china.

These people diverged into the south (italo-celtic) the central (germanic) and the eastern (balto-slavic) populations. They spread in all directions from the top of the black sea, counter clockwise into greee and anatolia. Their political system was the result of their steppe origins: pirates, and the only possible government for pirates: contractualism. Which we call democracy and rule of law – for the aristocracy.

These IE group’s tradition, law, political strategy, surviving in written history only as the Spartans, evolved under the Athenians due to trade, reaching high point under the Athenians. The Romans invented bureaucracy and the administrative state. The romans over-expanded into the middle east as had the greeks, and discovered the same problem – IQ84, low trust, divrse tribal people cannot be as cheaply organized as IQ 100 high trust relatively homogenous europeans. And so the cost of administration per person was too high, despite the ‘addiction’ of north African food production (like we have with china in industrial goods today.).

The romans had committed a near genocide against the celts who were cousins, and metalworkers, and competitors. This opened space for rotation of the germanics from the north across the south. The romans could not defeat them. And Christianity like woke today, was an appealing cult for the women and underclasses, who could be governed by cults but not by reason law and duty to one another. In other words, homogenous european rome could not maintain the culture of heterogenous roman empire, nor could it recreate it after the invasion and plauges.

However, the group strategy of the Celtics, germanics-scandinavians, and balto-slavics was the same as the group strategy of the itals of rome, and the dorians(?) of Greece. So greece and rome provided new technology that’s affordable with waterborne traide that wasn’t available on the continent, but didn’t alter the group strategy of the west indo europeans that was relatively homogenous across the european plain. We can give our technology to India and china and Africa and the middle east but they still retain their group strategies and largely retain their religions. All our status networks (values) are embedded in that group strategy normst traditions and values.

The European group strategy, the strategy of pirates, steppe raiders, vikings, and world conquering europeans is the same: an aristocracy that through force of arms, reciprocally insures the self determination by self determined means by demand for sovereignty in demonstrated interest, reciprocity in display word and deed, and thereby limiting us adversarial markets in all aspects of life, at the cost of the suppression of the reproduction of the unfit to share that burden. It’s the last phrase that terrifies the world who are unfit for that burden.

And that burden is the price of rule of law, and the sovereignty, reciprocity, and self determination that result from it. That is the 5000 years of strategy that unites the european people. And it explains the rate of development of the european people versus all other peoples combined in the bronze, iron, and steel ages, interrupted only by semitic Christianity and the dark ages of superstition and ignorance they created by the destruction of the arts, letters, and culture – the technology – of greco roman civilization, and impose mandatory illiteracy and ignorance on our people by force of arms.

This is the social order that innovates, adapts, and evolves fatser than all other civilizations combined.

Worse, it’s the only social order that didn’t fail stagnate or decline by 800ad.

The Great Filter is the underclass.

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