The Passions of The Right


Passion for Ideology, Philosophy, Religion, Conspiracy and Pseudoscience, are all admissions of powerlessness, lack of responsibility, and political, economic, and social irrelevance.

We need a military aristocracy, true. We need all men to have military training and membership in reserves (militia), but we also need a research class, anentrepreneurial class, a middle, a managerial, a craftsman, and education classes. And we need mothers fathers and families. Not one ideology as one size fits all.

It is in the nature of simple people to look for simple, one size fits all solutions, because we all seek to act within the scope of our knowledge, understanding, competency and risk tolerance.

But do not assume that your intuition reflects the incentives of different classes. In fact, all people follow incentives and only resort to dream world intuitions once they are deprived of substantive incentives. It’s in these substantive incentives – particularly family, income, organization, society, and nation that we find non-fanciful incentives. And it is those non-fanciful incentives that allow us to UNIFY, where fantasy ideology, philosophiy, religion, and nonsense only serve to provide fake confidence and divide us.

The more sentimental you are, the more powerless you are. The more self determination, agency, and responsibility you have the more rational incentives. This is why the young-male-social media sphere is a distortion of political demands. Its powerless minority.

A set of factions that are ideological, philosophica, religious, conspiratorial, or pseudoscientific signal that we are all equally exasperated – but also that we are equally isloated, disorganized, powerless, and doomed to failure.

All that matters is that which we share in common. And those interests are material when they matter, and only intuitionistic and imaginary when they don’t, and we’re failing – in fact – when we’re dying as a people.

Unity only exists in reality. And reality is limited to what is possible. And what is possible is that which we share in common RESPONSIBILITY. Not common fantasy.

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