Mastering Triangles Requires Overcoming Fitting.

TOPIC: From Fitting(analogy, meaning) to Constructing (description, causality).

Our triangles are a tool reminidng us of the the first principle of stable relations that we use for disambiguation into measurement, not categorization of ideals thereby destroying the measurment we set out to produce!

In other words, there is a human tendency to ‘fitting’ into analogy brought about by both theological fitting, and philosophical fitting, versus ‘unfitting’ by disambiguating into scientific first principles.

People are want to auto associate into categories of what they think they know, instead of construct from first principles.

The point of producing the first principles of logics (the grammars), the first principles of the physical world (physics), and the first principles of the psychological world (individual), and the first principles of the cooperative (group), and first principles of consequences of group cooperation (evolution) is to memorize those four sets of rules and always and everywhere construct the description of causality from first principles specifically so that we don’t engage in ‘fitting’.

So again, P-Law is procedurally identical to mathematics in that there are a limited (very limited) set of rules of construction: first principles. Where first principle, again, means irreducible and therefore causal. All first principles at all scales (physical, individua, group, and evolutionary) are but expressions of (derivations of) the first principle of the universe: stable relations produced by the capture of energy.

Now, this is the reason why P-Law can be taught just as say geometry can be taught, and by the same method of teaching: problem solving and repetition until the rules are intuitive. It’s also the reason it’s difficult for people who have already been WRONGLY TAUGHT.  The reason is that those who have not been wrongly taught are indoctrinated into ‘fitting’, and so the cost of retraining is far higher.

Furthermore. for the people who have been wrongly taught, they often have malinvested in historicism, theology, philosophy, ideology, pseudoscience, or sophistry in order to justify some self interest or prior, instead of seeking the truth before face at all costs.

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