Restoration of InterSexual Cooperation for Mutual Benefit

(0) Sex differences in the perception of cost benefit of the other, and individual differences in want of dependency vs exchange.

The more I work on it the worse it is. Sigh.

Basic takeaway: we should be mating and married and having children while we still are teens.

1)I see a continuation of the division between upper-class monogamy (capital) and all other classes (no capital) returning to serial relationships as was the historical norm, esp with longer lifetimes.

2) The primary problem is reversing common property under presumption of ongoing liability under monogamy, back to separation of children (Female) vs the polity (Male). Esp given earlier entry into workplace, No economic reason for shared cost of offspring. It’s just empirical.

3) End common property, alimony, child support, restore children to the female as property, restore sovereignty to children’s choice of parent at 12 or 13. Restore separate education of the sexes, sports, and early, universal military training for boys.

4) Restore children’s taxes contributed to parents’ retirement instead of equidistributed to the polity. This will reverse most of the malincentives.

5) Add Singapore savings, unemployment, medical, and retirement, and repatriate these investments from private to state.

6) This combination will restore responsibility including responsibilty for the state to produce returns on invsetments necessary to cover expenses, rather than full reliance of taxes without responsibilty of producing revenues to tax.

7) Major difference between my understanding of the world and the traditionalist, statist, educationalist, or religious theorists is that I don’t require us to share belief in anything. I just rely on institutional incentives to produce natural outcomes from natural self interest.

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