The Manosphere Defined, It’s Cause, and Five Primary Observations of Its Content

0) DEFINITION: Manosphere:

Consists of:

a) The Red Pill – Reality Drug – Understanding New Socio-Economic Order (Sociology in the new order)  by termination of ancestral inter-sexual organization and it’s enforcing mythology.
b) Men’s Self Improvement (Self (market value) in new order).
c) Men’s Dating Advice (Relationships in new order)
d) Men’s Rights Movement (Politics in the new order: Law hangover from old order adding infinite risk to marriage, given women file 80% of divorces.),

Cusality: In this definition I’ve tried to explain that the manosphere like feminism is a reaction to the socio-economic change in mythology and theory of intersexual relations and individual happiness as we have left behind the agrarian age and the relations, norms, and mythology of that age.

Framing: Camille Paglia’s framing of the historical separation of male and female spheres is the most useful macro interpretation of the intersexual change that was caused by the liberation of women from home-duty by the industrial revolution, and their subsequent entry into the economy during the war era, and their subsequent enfranchisement into the political sphere.  (My argument is that it would have been fine if not for the migration of jewish bolshevism (class marxism) from europe to the USA by transformation into jewish neomarxism (race and sex marxism), because jewish intellectual tradition is a reflection of the female socio-political-warefare strategy.)


Evolutionary Origin: Men seek responsibility for self (status, security), women, society, and polity. Women seek to avoid responsibility in pursuit of hyperconsumption (status, security) so they can devote it to preservation of desirability (consumption), children, family, and the vulnerable. Ancestral sex differences forced intersexual compromise to share responsibility for what we are capable of, as groups of women, and groups of men, who largely live in sexually divided worlds, working socializing in different worlds, and who pair off into families to take responsibilty for each other, and children who will take care of us when we age. IN other words marriage was a way of the community guarranteeing to reduce male violence in pursuit of women – the primary source of male violence, and to prohibit female promiscuity from externalizing the costs of her offspring on the community.

Five Lessons Smart Women Have Taken from Study of The Manosphere


The Five Lessons:

1) Men are tired of being used for their money. In general men are sick of being used. (And women are exceptional intersocial decievers, ready and willing to take advantage of men. This is why men take so long to determine whether a woman is a match for him.)
2) Men are not afraid of committment but they are afraid of the court system. (Unequal protection under the law)
3) Finding a quality girl is harder than ever before. Women today are less marriageable (Agreeable, Feminine, Pretty, Fit) than ever before. It’s a lot harder for men than women think.
4) Women are always willing to leave you for a better option (women are uncontrollably hypergamic), so make sure you’re the best option for her. (Seek to mate within your long term sexual market value.) Ancestral Saying “A woman should want a man more than he wants the woman.”) Women are only devoted (at the moment) while men are loyal (across time).
5) Men just want to be appreciated (mindfulness) (CD Add: We get mindfulness (peace of mind) by responsibility, esp responsibility for women, because it provides continuous positive reinforcement (male version of female demand for attention and validation).
Pretty simple really.
Understanding is underrated. 😉

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