Ending the False Dichotomy Between Civic and Ethnonationalism.

Background: I asked how me and my (small) organization would differ from Bannon and his (large).


(The supermajority of Europeans can practice scientific social, economic, political, and group evolutionary strategy that the enemies pejoratively call ‘whiteness’. Only a super-minority of non-Europeans can do so.)

I don’t do ideology. I do science. The science says what it says. Restore scientific law, we call the constitution of natural law, and in doing so restore a ‘scientific’ civilization, including the unscientific method by which christianity indoctrinates the common folk into the scientific basis of optimum social order: the solution to the prisoner’s dilemma: the exhaustion of forgivness by the extension of kinship love.

The thing is, you need a homogenous ethnocentric polity to pay the cost of the purely scientific european group evolutionary strategy of continuous innovation, application, and adaptation to the continuous discovery the laws of the universe: the only laws any god if there is one ever made.

All we have to so is raise our standards (which my work on restoring the constitution and completing what’s missing from it), and we will drive out the enemy and the inferior simply because they cannot tolerate the demand for people of good character that put family, society, polity, nation, and race before their individual hedonism.

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