Social Media Optics Morons

“It’s because you’re dumb f–cks that piss on any adult discourse. The fact that you can mass a thousand yipping infantile morons to destroy a conversation and cancel someone is evidence that you’re using the same strategy of the enemy. As such you’re no better than the enemy. Because the whole purpose the rest of us are seeking is to prohibit the strategy of the enemy: the female method of warfare by gossiping, shaming, rallying, ridiculing, psychologizing, morlizing, othering, cancelling, doxxing, reputation destruction, denial of science and reality,and worse, you add superstitious nonsense to the pile of idiocy. In other words, we can’t restore our civilization because you’re simply amplifying the enemy’s strategy of political influenc einstead of replacing it by restoring adult conversation, informing, education, adapting, transforming, maturing, and evolving agency in the population. That’s what’s necessary for our civilization. You’re the enemy too. “The Optics Morons””

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