The Burden of Liberty: Responsibility


The monarchy is the court of appeal of last resort. This is why the monarchy+military+courts are necessary: to compensate for the natural incompetence of political systems at the extremes.

Americans were cursed when Washington refused the role of monarch. Why? Because the natural law of reciprocity, the common law from which it evolved, the monarchy as a judge of last resort, the court and the military as internal and external judges (Rule), the Cabinet and parliament for the production of commons (Government), The family (production of generations), and the citizens (production of goods, services, and information) is the optimum system of government invented by man – and it was invented by the English who used it to develop the modern state.

There is no superior method of government. However, it places the greatest burden on the discipline of the population, all of whom must police the commons against degradation of those institutions of cultural production.

And the purpose of the Marxist, neo-Marxist, postmodern, pc-woke, anti-western, anti-white, anti-male revolution is, a rebellion against the modern state, just as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam rebelled against the formation of the Roman modern state.

Why? The modern state requires individual mindfulness, from agency, autonomy, and responsibility. And there is a large percentage of every population that prefers benevolent serfdom to agency, autonomy, and responsibility. In other words, the enlightenment false promise of an aristocracy of everyone is a nice dream, but too many are unfit for it.

Because too many are unfit for the cost of mindfulness, agency, autonomy, and responsibility necessary for citizenship: self-government.

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