What Happened to John Mark?


(a) Recognition that uniting the right factions was impossible because of the unsophistication, lack of maturity, and poisoning of social media as a vehicle for uniting the right (b) insufficient income from the audience to go public, pay the cost of production, and evolve into a politician for uniting the right, (c) the FBI showing up at his home and threateining his family.

The right doesn’t fund. Doesn’t show. Isn’t possible to organize. Consists of factions,. Most of thse factions are either of ideological of supernatural religions, rather than of political policy.

The movement wasn’t mine it was John’s. He just couldn’t be the face of it until revenues made it possible. We got ‘canceled’ by the right just like the left cancels the right. And then the FBI made it impossible for him to continue.

It’s not complicated. But the underlyig problem is that the right is full of male losers who destroy the ability to unite behind a solution that will not cause every single other person in the polity to prefer submission to the left over the kind of stupid shithead that poisons social media on the right.

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