It’s not so much that I favor Christian religion it’s that…

1) It’s not so much that I favor Christian religion above all others, so much as the catholic church nearly succeeded in uniting the science of cooperation (natural law) with the means of tolerating the stress of adherence to natural law (adaptation) by ritualizing forgiveness. 

2) It’s that if we disambiguate and ‘science’ Christianity into its four behavioral laws, it’s the optimum means of training children (and the less able, or more intuitive) producing ‘everyone is a customer’ which in turn favors maximum trust, cooperation, and economic velocity. 

3) So while I’m anti-fundamentalist – specifically both Abrahamism v1 & Marxism v2 that imitates it (by replacing the supernatural&sophistry with pseudoscience&sophistry), training by repetition (ritual), mythology(parable), and practice(forgiveness) in Xianity produces optimums. 

4) I’m extremely conscious of the differences in ability as we cross the IQ spectrum, and these differences are amplified by the sex differences in the brain, and the deelopment of the brain because of those differences inside different environments. So… 

5) The spectrum of Religion(Intuitionistic Child) > Religious Traditions(Normative Adult) > Philosophy (Rational Adult) > Science (Calculating Adult) is necessary given our (frighteningly) vast differences in Brain Structure, Cognitive Bias, Personality, and Experience. 

6) While it’s not intuitive, religion succeeds by creating the intuition’s (‘soul’) perception of a debt. A debt produces a submission response. In turn that produces calm and mindfulness. That in turn suppress neuroticism, especially given our anonymity as populations increase. 

7) So as anonymity and alienation increase, esp. under hostile pressures of ‘diversity’, xian emotional discipline produces the mindfulness (suppression of neuroticism) that allows tolerance, trust, and the emergence of a high trust polity able to form a majority middle class. 

8) Perhaps more importantly, in historical context, Xianity made possible the coexistence of aristocratic aryanism, rule of law of natural common law, by enabling the poor, powerless people self-image and status by minimizing the harms that less developed underclasses perpetuate. 

9) So while the success of western civilization is it’s Aryanism by Heroism in production of Commons and the scientific government enabled by the natural common law, maximizes “goods” – it’s opposite, Xianity, minimizes “bads”; and this pairing is the optimum man has discovered. 

10) So between egalitarian military duty loyalty and hierarchy in production of common goods, the rule of law of concurrent, common, natural law of common dispute resolution, and xian forgiveness and love in common trust production, we produced the three optimums of ‘coercion’. 

11) Where ‘coercion’ refers to normative organization of a polity using the three possible means of influence: inclusion-ostracization of religion and morality, trade-boycott of commerce and law, and defense-force of the military and state. 

12) So with those three means of influence to coercion available to man, we still need education across the spectrum of ability and age: Morality(religion-children), philosophy (law-adults), science (war-rulers).

The three grammars (logics) of the polity of man. 

13) The important religous insight: that only Aryanism produces the maximum evolutionary velocity of the polity, and only Xianity renders the stress of that evolutionary velocity possible, and only a scientific Natural Law of context-independent Decidability faciliates it. 

14) I have little sense of whether people understand of my work, and how much anyone will take away from it. I can only say that everything I write is constructed from first principles of the laws of the universe and is as certain in behavioral science as math is in physical. 

15) And of course I expect that the average person will not grasp that I’m saying western civ, over 5000 years discovered the optimum social economic political and geostrategic institutions of cooperation that maximize evolution – and will assume it’s opinion rather than ‘math’. 

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