On Social Media: The right is just as sinful as the left.

— “We are using an unhealthy/incompetent polity as a baseline. It is not a viable baseline long term. So, both need to happen – better personalities and improving the fundamental health/competence of the polity. Polity meeting personally somewhere in the middle.” —

The problem is very difficult to solve, because social media increased the reach of communication, but it also increased the influence of the worst possible people on both left and right.

So, without ‘domestication’ we cannot convert the right (vs conservatives) in to a political movement in the same way with the same means the left converts it’s people into a political movement. And the reason is simple: the left operates as a convergent herd sacrificing their opinions and priorities for the forward motion of the herd, vs the right operates as divergent packs doubling down on their (failed) opiinons and priorities at the EXPENSE of forward movment of all the packs together.

So social media participation that gives the noisy aggressive angry right voice serves to UNDERMINE by each demanding he or she be served on his or her terms. This short-term political behavior is the right-wing expression of the left wing’s short term economic and strategic behavior.

The right is just as sinful as the left.

Fundamentalists are the worst of all. Nazis only marginally better, because at least they deal in realities science and reason. Libertarians are utopians. And mainstream conservatives are just ‘leave me a lone’ do-nothing’s whil they complain in silence.

This is a HARD PROBLEM. And the right has become an army of fail because our fringes (fundamentalists, nazis, escapists(preppers)) are all action oriented by won’t pay the cost of self reformation necessary to obtain victory for all, despite our different intuitions.

Male dominance and overconfidence is a vulnerability without a shared mission across dominant overconfident males.

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