Revelation Is Just Wisdom: It’s only True Enough.


— “Revelation versus reason, and people who respond well to arguments based upon either source of truth.” —

That’s false (lie) of course, and it’s evidence of the Abrahamic method of lying (conflation). Truth must be testifiable and the testifiable must be falsifiable.

So: meaning (felt and imaginary), wisdom (argued and verbal ), science (discovered and physical).

If we say instead of Truth (testimony), meaning true enough to decide in matters of conflict, that we mean ‘true enough for me to act” then yes we might claim true enough as ‘true’.

True Enough For Daily Life , True enough for Testmony with consequence, vs Competent Enough to understand it beyond yourself and your daily life.

So we can truthfully (testify) that the difference between true proper and true enough covers the spectrum from science to law to philosophy ideology to theology to the occult, to magic.

There is however some empirical value to wisdom literature that survives for centuries

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