The Coming Famine – Why it’s Happening.

“I find peter zeihans take on demography absolutely fascinating ! China is in very big trouble , there demographics are horrendous . Go figure , 1 child policy actually worked . 500,000,000 give or take will die from an energy induced famine caused by the u.s.a. just going home. Bretton woods only worked cause the usa kept the sea lanes open for business.” –? @Tim Whiting 

If you have been through the cycle literature and end up with Turchin, the economic adage that “All questions of norms, economics, politics, and strategy are reducible to necessities imposed by demographics, with the only modifier being geography.”

Or I’ll cross the politically taboo Rubicon and say that all questions of differences in group economic conditions are reducible to the measure we call average IQ, which itself is a measure of underclass size, which itself is just a measure of the friction the population is limited by in its geography, which is largely a consequence of climate and disease gradients. That’s the ‘math’ of human differences. Group differences are the result of success or failure at upward redistribution of reproduction: ‘soft’ eugenics.

This is why we can’t succeed with any political reforms. The truth is contrary to democratic ideology (a religious false promise), that was necessary for the middle class to seize power from the landed aristocracy, and in turn the attempt by the underclass to seize power from the middle class using the same ‘bit of fraud’. The truth is we need aristocracy (culture), middle class (economy), and laboring class (warfare), and we are running out of utility of the lower and underclasses. And it’s only going to get worse.

Meanwhile, we’re using taxation and women in the workforce to produce a downward redistribution of reproduction, accelerating our decline. And the entirety of the left’s program is to undermine every single eugenic (meritocratic) institution we have. Leftism is a counter-revolution against the darwinian explanation for the success of east Asian and west European civilizations and the failure of every other.

And I think, to amplify your point, the reason this crisis is occurring is that the left is using the opportunity to spread ideology, while the right doesn’t explain in practical terms what we’ve been doing, why we do it, and what will happen when we stop.

If I were in the position of white house press secretary I’d line the press room with posters containing that information, and the foundations of why european civilization is in fact superior (mass production of individual responsibilty for both private and common using rule of law of natural law).

So we could stop promoting democracy and liberalism which the world (correctly) finds and excuse for degenerative immorality, and instead the world understood that we just haven’t prohibited immorality yet and they can do it.

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