The End of The Argument Against Islam: Islam Is Incompatible with European Civilization


Europeanism consists of reciprocal insurance of self-determination by self-determined means, by sovereignty in demonstrated interest, and reciprocity in display word and deed, requiring duty before self, and truth before face, limits us to empirical testimony. This is the foundation of western civilization – everything else is decoration. In other words, Islam’s SLAVE (devolutionary) morality is incompatible with European ARISTOCRATIC (evolutionary) morality. Why? The purpose of Islam is to provide mindfulness by the abandonment of responsibility for reality, just as the purpose of Europeanism is to provide mindfulness in the maximization of responsibility for reality. There is a reason for the rate of European evolution in the bronze (Indo-European expansion, iron (ancient), and steel (modern) age. There is a reason for the stagnation of Europe during the Christian conquest. There is a reason for the non-contribution of jews to civilization despite their literacy. There is a reason that Islam immediately reverted to authoritarian supernaturalism of their ancestors and entered a long decline of three races, Arab, Persian, and Turkic, despite the luxury of the trade routes that intersect four continents, and the extraordinary productivity of the Egyptian, Levantine, Mesopotamian, and Indus regions. I mean … how do you screw that up? Why? Every civilization began with one of the three possible institutions: religion(inclusion-rejection), state (force), or reciprocity(law proper). And we are all forever anchored by our first institution. The law creates European empiricism and trifunctionalism. The state creates Chinese reasonableness and bureacuracy. The faith creates middle eastern superstition (lying) and clerisy. The failure of all institutions of faith and state and law leaves only indian culture and caste. The Africans (four ways) were unable to create formal institutions (because of geographic isolation.)

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