Are the Jews to Blame or Are We?


We have enough science to explain jews as cognitively female demonstrating the same production-evasion, responsibility evasion, neuroticism, magical thinking, mental instability, lying-denying, social construction, and hyperaggression as females in moral panic, especially if they are perceived as undesirable (rejected).

Jews are the world’s only feminine intellectuals. Europeans are the most masculine intellectuals. Yet we are also the most open society because of our trifunctionalism, it’s tolerance, and the overtolerance of utopian Christianity and French humanism.

There is no difference between the intellectual ability of northern European (at least English) intelligentsia and the Jewish – look at the historical record. The difference is that jews organized to maximize the reproduction of those traits, and with the end of our aristocracy we stopped.

This isn’t a thing we can convince the jews to change any more than it is a thing we can convince our women to change.

We can only outlaw the anti-social behavior of women and jews as thoroughly as we have outlawed the anti-social behavior of men, and then invest in teaching mindfulness and responsibility to dampen female and Jewish instincts.

And we can do that fairly easily now that we understand it – and understand it clearly and scientifically.

It’s a developmental defect that within limits has an evolutionary advantage to females who must have higher neuroticism and empathy, and responsibility evasion in order to carry the cognitive load of multiple children, resource availability to care for them, using men to obtain resources, defense, and most importantly control over their own reproduction with the men they choose. while competing for survival against women equally as socially predatory, engaged in hen-pecking for female dominance, and using social construction, falsehoods and deceits gossiping and destruction to destroy competing females – something which only men will prevent by imposing limits on the females with force.

Every Jewish dysfunctional behavior is due to jews selecting for those behaviors and inbreeding to exacerbate them. Why? The female mind tracks many small things, and can work hard and long with many small things; is social and verbal not mechanical; negotiates agreement not truth, and is predisposed to seduction, false promise, evasion, loading, framing, suggestion, obscurantism, denial, and deceit – because it is the cheap means of managing children and competing for resources in social competition.

Once you understand jews are just disloyal, hyper-consumptive, hyper-aggressive females hiding behind false pretense of innocence, using religion and a history of persecution they justly deserved, then you will also understand WE ARE LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT. And we are letting them convert our women and our invasive underclasses to a hostile new version of the Jewish religion: Marxist-NeoMarxist-Pomo-Woke.

So who is at fault? The women for their evolutionary instincts? The jews for breeding to institutionalize those instincts as a group strategy? Or the men who put up with this behavior from both women and Jews without restoring truth, duty, reciprocity, markets, and order?

What do I think?: The right consists of mommy’s boys who bitch like little girls but don’t show and if they do show are as self-centered and egotistic as little girls, if they have to sacrifice their petty fantasies for the good of all.

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