Q: “Do You Ever Find It Weird Being a Yank and A Monarchist?”


I was surprised, yes. But I’ve come to undrestand it’s just the result of doing the science.

I just follow the evidence. It was rather late in life that I understood that the english completed the restoration of greek reason and politics and roman legislation and administration in the british invention of the modern empirical (scientific) dutiful rule of law state.

And that the USA as a british colony, had created a constitution that codified that invention, completing Aristotle’s project of a scientific (natural) government, but failed to include the presumptions inherent in that innovation: the rule of law by the natural law by commonality and concurrency as the science of cooperation, and the government as a hierarchy of courts to limit us to the science of cooperation by that law, commonality, and concurrency, and the reason being to prohibit authority by the maximization of individual responsibility, with participation in self determination by evidence of taking and demonstrating that responsibility.

They had only an intuition of the existence of evolution but for all intents and purposes our ancient ancestors created the most evolutionary society and government with the least resistance to discoverty, innovation, application, adaptation, and evolution in human history, or that is humanly possible.

As such the west evolved faster than the rest combined in the bronze, iron, and steel ages.

However, we failed to learn that we cannot domesticate rule, or cooperate with peoples who are inferior in institutions and development becuse of their demographics and tradition.

So there is a conflict between the ancestral desire to create empires to profit from trade, and the natural tendency of man to desire federations of states that all profit from trade but distribute the cost of government and war and in doing so resists empires -as we are having to resist three imperial civilizations today.

They can only do so if they all adhere to natural law.

The Natural Government consists of a hierarchy of Juries (courts):
The Four Sets of the Laws of Nature (Logical, Physical, Behavioral, Evolutionary)
… < The Natural Law of Cooperation
… … < A Constitution Producing that Hierarchy of Courts under that natural law
… … … < A Monarchy as judge of Last Resort , above the law in the restoration of the law.
… … … … < A Cabinet for the Administation of the Commons
… … … … … < A Parliament of houses or Regions and Class as a Political Court (Negativa) and Market between the Regions and Classes (Positiva)
… … … … … … < The Courts for the Resolution of Substantive Harms
… … … … … … … < A Nobility for the resolution of common conflicts
… … … … … … … … < A Church for the restolution of moral disputes
… … … … … … … … … < Every man as his own legislature for himself and his family in federation with all other men in the polity.
… … … … … … … … … … < Every woman as the legislature for herself and her childen.

This is a hierarchy of responsibility given domains of DEMONSTRATED (empirical) interest and comptency


Curt Doolittle
The Natural Law Institute
The Science of Cooperation

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