DEFINITIONS: First Principles of The Universal Logic

(The Three First Principles of The Universal Logic)
By Dr Brad

1. The Universe’s Zero Point the lowest possible energy state of otherwise empty space that consists of the difference between the cosmic microwave background.

2. Hierarchy of Zero Points represent the Base Condition of Capitalization (Stable Relations of matter/energy/information) of any Persistent Entity necessary for Persistent Entities to discover and Capitalize (accumulate matter/energy/information) upon the Operational Polarity of a given Domain. If the entity falls below the zero point then it will decompose into a lower state of less complexity and energy.

3. Operational Polarities define Domains complexity of the organization of energy. From every zero point, of every Domain, the Ternary Logic of that domain consists of an Operational Polarity (difference, Potential) that if equilibrated produces a new dynamic equilibrium for any given Persistent Entity and Between Persistent Entities in that Domain – though, while under certain conditions, certain Persistent Entities produce highly stable relations and are therefore inert(lacking potential for additional recombinations), there are no conditions under which the stable relations and internal equilibrium of any persistent entity is prohibited from devolution back to the Universe’s Zero Point, or evolution to a higher energy state and organization.

4. First Principle of any domain, in the hierarchy of domains, consists of the label for the complexity of operational polarities when equilibrated produce the new dynamic equilirium for that entity and between persistent entities in that domain, that are available at the scale of complexity in that domain in the hierarchy of domains.

5. Ternary Logic describes the First Principle available given the Operational Polarities available to Persistent Entitites within Domains in the hierarchy of domains.

6. Evolutionary Computation describes the operations of Persistent Entities between Domains, across Zero Points, by the use of first principles of equilibrating operational polarities within each domain.

|Universal Logic|: Zero Point > Operational Polarities > First Principles > Ternary Logic > Evolutionary Computation

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