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  • The Dimensions of Reality: Mathematics As Science of Measurement – But Stated Badly

    Mar 22, 2017 11:08am I THINK THIS MIGHT BE HARD FOR YOU BUT …. (mathematics and truth) (very important) (hot gates pls read) The answer is quite simple: you just demonstrated proof of operational construction and named that series of actions. Reality consists of the following actionable and conceivable dimensions: 1 – point, (identity, or […]

  • Correcting Aristotle’s Categories of Philosophy

    The Law of Nature “Correcting Aristotle on Categories of Philosophy” Physical Laws (Transformation) – THE NECESSARY Physics: Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Sentience, Engineering, Mathematics Law of Man (properties of man) (Action) – THE POSSIBLE Acquisition, perception, memory, psychology, sociology Natural Law – Cooperation – THE GOOD Ethics, morality, law, economics Law of Testimony – THE TRUE […]

  • Defining Philosophy

    WORKING ON DEFINING PHILOSOPHY I have been working on defining philosophy (because like truth, it wasn’t defined before). And you know, there are a few ways to approach it: western philosophy (argumentative methodology) or philosophy in all cultures (multiple argumentative methodologies). And whether the philosophy is literary and imaginative (possibilities), escapist (most), a form of […]

  • No. Science Is A Moral Discipline Within Natural Law: The Means By Which We Warrant The Truthfulness Of Our Statements.

    (Ethelbert, Jesus, and Kant say the same thing) The languages of science(testimony), physical science, propertarianism (social science), natural law (science of dispute resolution), accounting, finance, and economics, (measurement of production), function as the universal language of truth-telling. The discipline of science asks us to warranty that we have performed due diligence on our statements. We […]

  • The Intellectual Catastrophe Of Specialization And The Cure For It In Education

    Outside of the top 5% in all disciplines: – Physicists are often ridiculous because either they don’t understand their own subject, or because they lack the philosophical training to know the difference between general rules of the discipline (dogma) and the epistemological necessity that these general rules provide a shortcut for. – Economists are often […]

  • True Names

    TRUE NAMES (notes to self for current line of thought) —“Any sufficiently true property of the universe appears to the trained eye as a model rather than reality.”—Jonathan Page Constancy and determinism and true names. True = True Name. True name is “invariant”. If we pass the tests of dimensional consistency that I suggest with […]

  • Truth, Law of Information, Natural Law of Cooperation, Physical Law of the Universe

    (religion) (read it and weep) (advances on hume, damning of rawls) [O]ur brains are smaller than those of our distant ancestors. With the evolution of language we were able to learn more by shared calculation: in the form of thinking and reasoning than we could by our own observation, memory, and judgement. By communicating using […]

  • Operationalism: From Law Through Mathematics

    (cerebral)(interesting) [I] hope that this spectrum: law, economics, assists us in understanding the position of praxeology in the list of moral constraints that require operational and intuitionistic tests of propositions, prior to making truth claims. LAW: STRICT CONSTRUCTION Strict Construction is an abused term where the courts instead use the terms Textualism and Original Intent. […]