Category: 2.3-Psychology

  • Hierarchy of the Sentient Being

    HIERARCHY OF THE SENTIENT BEING – Sense: change state in reaction to changes in information state. – Movement: physical change in state in reaction to change information state. (automatic) – Perception: changes in state by sensations (memory and anticipation) – Sentience: identity : positive/negative rewards/punishments in reaction to changes in anticipated state of the organism […]

  • Dunning Kruger Never Stops

  • Man Is Merely Rational

    Man is rational. He engages in predation when it suits him, parasitism when it is possible, cooperation when it is preferable, and flight when it is necessary. Thankfully, through organizing our efforts into myth, ritual, habit, norm, and law, we can raise the cost of predation and parasitism high enough so that man chooses cooperation […]

  • The Origins of the Left’s Effeminate R-Selection Bias

    I think what is abhorrent to leftists is that business and productivity are innately competitive and consist of attempting to outwit other tribes of males for market territory. This is antithetical to the r-selection instincts of females and their effeminate offspring and the sexually inverted ((( tribes ))). In their world they cannot compete and […]

  • The Subtle Cause Of Differences In Races And Tribes

    The ethnically Dutch are definitely the ‘master tribe’ by any empirical measure. The ethnically north sea (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Finns and North Germans) are an obvious distance behind. If for no other reason than there is greater territorial distance between them and the less evolved people (resistance to invasive genes), and the difficulty of surviving […]