Category: 2.5-Cooperation

  • Definitions of Relations

    EMPLOYEE Responsible for own provision of room and board and care from the product of one’s wages. FARMER Holds sufficient land and labor to produce goods not only for consumption but for sale in the market, as personal property. PEASANT Holds a small plot of land farmed by the family, for family consumption, as family […]

  • No, Capitalism Isn’t Enough

    –“trust isn’t necessary just capitalism”— Diego Anonymous Diego, Let me correct you a bit – largely by providing you with more precise language. Capitalism – private production of goods and services by the universal distribution of private property rights – has always existed to some degree – it must for trade to exist. But, cooperation […]

  • No Place for the Ineffable?

    –“So the ineffable has no place?”–Ramsey I find ineffability to be an exceptional excuse fo preserving obscurantism and deceit. There is nothing inexplicable. There are things we merely are too ignorant to explain. As far as I know any human experience is conveyable by one means or another. The causal explanation of that experience is […]

  • Proving Communal Warfare Among Hunter Gatherers (Paper)

    (as always, not only the article, but the citations for this article are priceless. Which is why I have saved it here.) [P]roving communal warfare among hunter-gatherers: The quasi-rousseauan error Keywords: hunter-gatherer warfare;Rousseauism;Australian Aborigines;naturally evolved predispositions for violence and peace Abstract Was human fighting always there, as old as our species? Or is it a […]

  • Trust Is The Most Scarce And Most Expensive Form Of Capital

    Rothbardian Libertarianism is an attack on the high trust society. It an obscurant, rationally justified, excuse for advocating, low trust, parasitic ethics of the ghetto.

  • Trust: A Definition

    “Your confidence that another will act with a necessary degree of reciprocity (mutually beneficial) for the matter at hand, despite the opportunity to act out of an equal degree of self interest.” This definition addresses the spectrum of low trust exchanges to consanguineous interactions to high trust mutual insurance. Most definitions assume an equality of […]

  • The Struggle To Extend In-Group Trust To Outgroup Members

    The ongoing struggle to extend in-group trust to out-group members. Or, the ongoing struggle to extend the cooperation demonstrated between consanguineous relations, to beyond those relations, such that it is possible for us to evolve a division of knowledge and labor, in which there is as little risk of misappropriation of our efforts in the […]