Category: 5.7.4 Reformation of the Academy

  • Math is Taught as Fiction

    YES, MATHEMATICS IS TAUGHT AS FICTION: “LET US TEACH EVERYONE A VERY INTERESTING AND IMPORTANT LESSON VIA MR JOHN BLACK.” —“Mathematical fictionalism is more tenable than mathematical platonism.”—Melvin Davila Martinez “There are no such things as abstract objects? Prove it.” — John Black The verb ‘to-be’ = ‘exists’. (is, are, was, were, be, being, been) It is the most ‘irregular’ […]

  • The Church Failed To Reform And The Sciences Didn’t Have Time To Complete Their Evolutionary Program

    I mean, another way to look at the 20th century is that in response to Darwin, Maxwell, Spencer, (a) the church failed to reform in response by stating that god and natural and physical laws were the same expression of his divinity, and (b) our intellectual class failed to synthesize operationalism as a means of reforming scientific thought-at its new-grand-scale, […]

  • The Pseudosciences

    Empirically speaking, we already overspend on Grad and PhD students. We overspend on most sciences (because they’re psuedosciences) and underspend on those that matter (physics, material science, chemistry, biological chemistry, genetics, archaeology) Virtually all other programs (psychology, social sciences, political sciences), and certainly all pseudosciences (the humanities) are a waste of money. Even in those hard sciences we can see […]

  • A Future for the Mises Institute?

    The Mises Institute would survive if and only if it transforms from advocacy of the pseudoscientific Ashkenazi enlightenment of Boaz, Marx, Cantor, Frankfurt, and Keynes, Mises and Rothbard, to the Scientific enlightenment of Hayek, Popper, Einstein, Darwin, Spencer, Pareto, Durkheim, and myself. It is one thing to say “all these men failed, and each brought a piece of the puzzle […]

  • Transforming the Academy To A Distributor of Lies

    By Eli Harman The left remade society by transforming the academy from institutions of inquiry and education to ones that simply manufacture and distribute lies. But now, it‘s biting them in the ass. Racialized protests at campuses across North America last summer exposed affirmative action for the sham that it is, as unqualified, ungrateful, and unruly minorities made messes and […]

  • Against The Boomer-Academy’s Sale of Indulgences – A Charter for The New Reformation

    (good arguments for your use.) Myths About Attending College Debunked [C]hristopher, This self-serving post is disingenuous at best. As far as we know, right now, students learn almost nothing in university that is used in life. University largely performs a filtering and indoctrination service. So students are filtered out of the workforce by extremely expensive procedural gymnastics. They are not […]