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  • I Love Everyone, But We’re All Wrong

    I love Russians, Ukrainians, Estonians, Latvians, Poles, Georgians, and I probably love every christian soul on earth. What I don’t love is American neo-conservatism, Anglo-Scandianvian Pseudo-moral suicide, German Suicidal Counter-signaling, Eastern European disregard for the commons, and Russian predilection for dishonestyout of the fear of looking weak rather than honest confrontation and compromise . We […]

  • The Orthodox Civil Society

    Nov 18, 2016 12:19pm If you go to a restaurant or club, or a shopping center in ukraine, or even a hotel lobby, their equivalent of ‘elevator music’ is a set of televisions, half of which are tuned to a series of fashion shows and the other half to soccer games. And that’s about all […]

  • Moscow’s Indirect Education Of Europeans

    Moscow’s conquest of south-eastern ukraine broke not only the postwar consensus on borders, but the peace of Westphalia that made states accountable for the factions inside their borders. To some degree this may help Europeans, and westerners, understand that their definition of war includes the assumption that wars are conducted by states against states rather […]

  • Russian Philosophy (From Routledge)

      —” ‘Russian Idea’ – … the most distinctive feature of Russian philosophy – can be explained in terms of Russian history. The Mongol yoke from the twelfth to the fourteenth century cut Russia off from Byzantium (from which it had received Christianity) and from Europe: it had no part in the ferment of the […]

  • Russian Philosophy Encounters German Idealism

      Intellectuals matter, because intellectuals teach. And a lot of intellectuals teaching the same thing, transforms generations. —” in 1836 of Chaadaev’s ‘Philosophical Letter’, which posed Russia’s relationship to the West as a central philosophical problem, maintaining that Russia’s historical separation from the culture of Western Christianity precluded its participation in the movement of history […]

  • Analysis Of The Strategies Of The Ukrainian And Russian Peoples And A Prediction Of The Future.

    —Why is urkaine’s independence sacrosanct?— 1) liberty has a value in itself, and one cannot claim a desire for liberty without reciprocally assiting others. Although the reason for that is longer than I want to get into right now. 2) there is no reason ever, why a people cannot secede to form a nation by […]

  • American Fools and Russian Fools. We Need To Fix Each Other.

    [A]merica is a well intentioned fool. And Russia is a paranoid fool. They are both fools. The solution for the northern hemisphere is to unite anglo law, german engineering, and Russian resources and to diminish the role of america in european affairs. Russians must have an external enemy or the will be forced to confront […]

  • Creating a Moat Around Russia: Six Points Explaining Why Putin Is Acting Strategically

    [C]REATING A MOAT AROUND RUSSIA: SIX POINTS EXPLAINING WHY PUTIN IS ACTING STRATEGICALLY SIX POINTS 1) The fall of Ukraine was unexpected and Putin feared a spread to Moscow. Rather than call up the USA or Merkel and offer to lease Crimea for 99 years with an option to renew, and offer to exchange the […]

  • The West Needs Russia To Save It From Utopian Democracy As The West Saved Russia From Communism.

    LETS FLIP THIS AROUND: THE WEST NEEDS RUSSIA TO SAVE IT FROM UTOPIAN DEMOCRACY JUST AS RUSSIA NEEDED THE WEST TO SAVE IT FROM UTOPIAN COMMUNISM —“The memory of the Soviets still exists in the minds of Eastern Europeans. But it would be dishonest to say that the U.S does not whip up fear of […]

  • Thinking. Trust, and Russia.

    [D]espite my criticism of Russian politics and culture since the invasion of Ukraine for purely dishonest reasons, I tend to have deep affection for Russian people, even when I think they are absurd, superstitious and crazy. Because I love that they are brave. Americans are brave by and large *outside of the millennial generation*. Some […]

  • It’s A False Moral Equivalence: Comparing Russian and American Political Interference

    (reposted from original site) [P]at. I rarely disagree with you, but regarding Russia, you posit a moral equivalency where none exists. Here is why: The USA’s  *Demonstrated* postwar policy operates by the following criteria: 1) BORDERS – states who don’t respect borders can lead to world wars. 2) HUMAN RIGHTS – states who don’t respect […]