Constitution: The Preamble

Constitution: The Preamble

The Preamble

On The Contract

A Constitution consists of a contract by which the members of a polity both bind one another to its terms, and insure one another from violations of its terms. And by presumption, a constitutional contract, is between all citizens for their shared behalf.

For Men to bring such institutions into existence by deliberate choice requires their sovereignty in fact against all present competitors. When Sovereign Men bring such institutions into being by Choice, they must of necessity produce a Contract consisting of processes, rights, and obligations – because a contract of processes, rights, and obligations is the only possible means of producing rules within the condition of Self Determination by Self Determined means, by exchange of insurance of sovereignty, reciprocity, and duty.

But in practice that contract for constitution of a polity exists by the consent of the men who are willing, able, and of sufficient numbers, to fight to preserve adherence to, and benefits from, its definitions, processes, rights, and obligations. And all others who do not fight are beneficiaries of the contract created by the men willing to use violence to prolong or to overturn the status quo in favor of an alternative order by fighting to replace those definitions, processes, rights, and obligations with other ones.

To provide incentives to produce and maintain all forms of capital across generations, a Constitution consists of a contract of indefinite duration. A contractual arrangement of indefinite duration is only valuable until a more preferable contractual arrangement arises, at which point it is in the individual familial, clan, national, monarchic, or imperial interest to exit the less preferable arrangement for the more preferable arrangement.

The minimum preferable arrangement under such a constitution is to produce sufficient returns from voluntary cooperation under its processes, rights, and obligations so that the choice to continue cooperation under those terms is preferable to terminating that contract and replacing it with one that provides superior returns.

The maximum possible arrangement under such a Constitution is to produce continuous transcendence of man into omniscience, omnipotence, and immortality, and the world, all worlds, and the universe into a garden paradise.

In the absence of reciprocity and proportionality, those men whose consent is necessary to preserve the Constitution, have no incentive to maintain processes, rights, and obligations but instead, they have the opposite incentive: free riding, parasitism, and predation.

The Weak favor parasitic equality. The Cunning favor parasitic inequality. The Strong favor predatory inequality. The Just favor market meritocracy. And the Caring insure one another against the vicissitudes of nature within the limits of surplus resources.

All men are born with a wealth of both care, production, and violence, that they may increase, maintain or lay fallow. It is this wealth of care, production, and violence that men use to produce agreements under which they can cooperate – or to be the victims of those who engage in free riding, parasitism, predation, and family-cide, genocide, culture-cide, and civilization-cide against them.

As such all men purchase the conditions of their existence by the means by which they spend their wealth of violence, production, and care.  And it is with violence, production, and care, that we produce, and enact this constitution.

. . .

The Origins of Our Civilization and Our Law

Western Civilization evolved on the Eurasian Plain and in the Forests of Europe, and on the shores of the Black, Baltic, North, and Mediterranean Seas. These people required land for farming, and grazing horses and cattle. Unlike the early river valley civilizations that could concentrate production by irrigation, to produce taxation and rule, in a limited geographic area, they depended upon a voluntary, contractual, militia of kin led by professional warriors who used technology and maneuver to their advantage despite their small numbers, limited wealth, limited productivity of land, and distance from the center of world trade, and bronze age knowledge.

The West had fertile lands and forests but no flood river valleys to concentrate production, concentrate people, and develop irrigation, infrastructure, and taxation. So while the ancient world could form armies by taxation, Western people had to form militias that relied on advanced (at the time) technology that required the collective investment of whole families to fund. These militias – whether cattle-raiders, horse riders, sea peoples, Vikings, pirates, or European explorers – organized entrepreneurial expeditions (raids) and did so voluntarily and contractually. There was no other means of organizing other than contract. This ancient entrepreneurial order that led to our law, our debate, our reason, and from there our science and technology. Western excellence is due to our law, which elsewhere in mankind is not contract, but command.

The consequence of this contractual social order led to the uniqueness of Western civilization’s institutionalization of voluntary contract:

Our universal militia, and our unity in heroism and tragedy – despite our differences in age, rank, and station; our common, natural law of tort under individual sovereignty and reciprocity, contract and duty, promise (oath) and warranty, truth in testimony regardless of cost to self image, status, or the hierarchy, in a competition before judge and jury of our peers, creating no option for survival other than competition in markets in all walks of life: association, cooperation, reproduction, production, organizations, commons, polities, and war, at the cost of limiting reproduction of the unproductive, such that surpluses from production can be directed to the creation and preservation of high cost, and high return, normative, cultural, institutional, physical, and genetic commons.

This is the optimum strategy for the defeat of Our Own frailties, Competing Groups, and Nature itself, and achieves the most rapid adaption of our laws, the most rapid adaption of our polities, the most rapid adaption of man, and the most rapid transcendence of man, while maintaining the optimum condition of man, by institutionalizing the development of Agency in man, in all forms of human capital. And no other people has done it, or demonstrably can, or even desires to do it.

And the consequence of this combination was the circumvention of monopolies and resulting parasitism and stagnation in all aspects of life producing law, reason, science, technology, medicine, and a greater adaptive velocity than the rest of mankind combined.

And the consequence of this civilization was to rapidly drag the rest of mankind, against its will, one counter-revolution at a time, out of ignorance, superstition, sophism, hard labor, poverty, hunger, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, pervasive violence, the vicissitudes of a nature in a universe uncaring if not hostile to all life other than the gods we imagine.

Western civilization specialized in competition, adaptation, and maneuver, and whether or not we were first, we have always been fastest.  Because, by accident, we discovered how to organize our civilization by the least deviation from the physical laws of nature, the natural of cooperation, and the evolutionary law of natural selection by adversarial competition in markets in everything.

In the face of this knowledge of Western exceptionalism in rate of evolution by adherence to those laws, we illuminate why every other civilization failed to discover, and adapt to, the physical, natural and evolutionary laws – and most died, others decayed, and even the few successful stagnated.

And worse, we discover why they resist the European discovery of physical, natural and evolutionary laws at every opportunity. It is random in the first place. We anchor upon our original strategy. It is expensive and difficult to do so. It is counterintuitive. And the rest of the species will do everything in its power to prevent it – which is what we observe in the attempts to undermine Western civilization in both the ancient and modern worlds.

And worst of all, by our analysis, we discover one of  The Great Filters that limit the development of advanced life in the universe: those who would be left behind, drag everyone into the same fate: decline.

The Origin of Our Constitutions

On Origins of The Terms of The Constitution of the United States

Once North Sea trade was reestablished, the Saxon commercial order constructed in Europe, and the Atlantic opened to the age of sail, the West was finally, by the age of Napoleon, able to return to Roman levels of institutional sophistication, and universal imposition of law.

The British achievement …. ( … )

The American achievement … (…)

( … (fragility), but like all liberal (naval, trading) orders … except once invaded by attractive and debilitating authoritarian monopoly falsehood. )

On The Failures

We did not understand ourselves. The mirror hides presumptions.

The Ancient World

( … )

The Medieval World

( … )

The Modern World

As students of the empirical revolution, the agrarian revolution, the commercial revolution, and the enlightenment, our founders architected and designed American civilization upon the natural law, common law, and rule of law. The experiment wasn’t in law or government, it was an experiment in the third way: one without the parasitism and corruption of the aristocracy, or the church, or burden of those of low character and ability.

They saw the federation of states as a continuation of the European civilization and in particular the British: an alliance of states under government, but this time, following ancient Greek advice: a middle class government – meaning people who produce – because only the middle class that produces has the same interests as the rest of the polity.

The Deficiencies of Previous Constitutions

The Initial Problems with the American Constitution

There were a set of six great errors in the original Constitution

  1. Unfortunately, the founders assumed those that followed would also have knowledge of natural law, and the common law, and didn’t include those specifications in the Constitution. They only specified the organization of government, and as an afterthought, some basic rights that they thought needed defending. So the foundation of Western civilization, of Anglo civilization, and of the American civilization as the natural law evolved under the common law and those natural rights under that natural law were never stated. This is why it has been possible to undermine natural law (rule of law), and to gradually impose positive law (rule by man), eroding our civilization from within.
  1. The common law did evolve prior to the development of mass media, and while it contained libel and slander, and fraud, they had no concept of the use of social construction to sell false promise of the impossible – freedom from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws – and therefore baiting people into hazard. They had no idea of the political scams that were possible, and despite Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire being published, they could not envision that the Christian destruction of the ancient world could be repeated in pseudoscientific terms in the modern world.
  1. They also – although it was a subject of great debate – used free speech instead of free truthful speech because they didn’t know how to specify truthful speech as we do now. And they did not specifically prohibit seditious speech because they didn’t know how to write it into law as we do now.
  1. They also used freedom of religion rather than freedom of Christian religion, because they could not envision a world in which Darwin and the physical sciences had eviscerated the church’s ability to use false promise to bait people into the religion. And even if they did, they had no conception of mindfulness and how to use stoicism to replace it.
  1. They also failed to require judicial review PRIOR to ascent of legislation, and failed to provide the return of legislative undecidability to the congress, thereby putting the court in the position of legislating from the bench – which is how the left undermined the constitution.
  1. They failed perhaps most subtly, by not ‘persuading’ (even blackmailing) Washington (or one of the others) into taking the role of monarch – who, like present Elizabeth – is a judge of last resort, and limits the fashions of the government the way the senate was designed to limit the fashions of the population. This is the hardest fact to accept: that of prime ministers, presidents and monarchies, the optimum is monarchy, cabinet and parliament – and the presidency is the worst of all possible models. Whether Americans will tolerate a search for a monarch limited to the power of veto is an open question. The fact that the anti-monarchical propaganda is obviously false, and merely allows for alien people to conquer a nation and convert it to a corporation that can be exploited, is not obvious through the fog of enlightenment deceits.

The Subsequent Mistakes

  1. The founders failed to explain the British, Germanic, and early European systems as corporations, under which the monarchy (executive) was required to gain approval from the shareholders (investors, jury). And that the purpose of multi-house government (multiple juries), was to require agreement between, and to create a market for trades, between the classes – preventing any class from usurping the others, and thereby preserving markets in everything. So when Americans expanded the franchise to non-property owners and women, without creating additional houses, they indirectly destroyed the entire purpose of participatory government: the power to deny power that by its very existence forced a market between the classes, who must trade with one another to obtain what they wish.
  1. When the Darwinian revolution undermined the church and her traditional role of insurer of last resort, and the false promise of Marxism and socialism was spread during the upheaval of the industrial revolution, the state failed to maintain separation of powers and separation of revenues between the Coercive Powers of the State, and the Care of the Church, thereby exacerbating class conflict and effectively denying both sides minimum power distance in pursuit of their interests, setting up a conflict that had to take place in propaganda and deceit, rather than in political markets specifically designed to provide those with dissimilar interests to cooperate.

As such, Americans have survived seven Constitutions already:

1 – The British Constitution Consisting of the Common Law, Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Act of Union, and the long history of its roots in German and Roman law, and the origins of that long tradition of oral transmission before they were written.
2 – The Articles of Confederation providing for an American government, once separated by war from the British Empire to escape payment for their defense.
3 – The first American Constitution providing sufficient defense and treasury.
4 – The Amendments to the Constitution upon completion of the American Civil War of Northern Aggression, to deprive the States of their Sovereignty and Self Determination as a means of the North obtaining control over them, their revenues, and the rewards of the western continental expansion.
5 – The Depression Era experiment with imitation of the Soviet Communists by ending self sufficiency, and intergenerational lending, and natural eugenics, to accommodate the over-expansion of prior generation of immigration of underclasses.
6 – The transition from overthrowing Western Civilization using world Communism to using World Cosmopolitanism using Jewish Communist repeat of the Soviet Relocation Programs, and Opening the Country to incompatible immigration using the Civil Rights moment, thereby reversing integration, homogeneity, the civil society, and the results of centuries of natural eugenics that made possible the high trust northern European civilization.
7 – The present era’s attempt of the state to use unregulated population replacement by immigration to achieve by dissolution what could not be achieved by reason and evidence, the Court’s assistance by devolution of decisions to the States that advance world Cosmopolitanism, and preserving decisions within the Court that advance world Cosmopolitanism to undermine States that do not.

In these Amendments herein, we produce the Second Declared Constitution, that restores the original design as yet another European continent of loosely federated Sovereign states, seeking self-determination, under the natural law of European Peoples, where such a federation is unified only for the purposes of defense, debt capacity, dispute resolution, and trade. And in these, our amendments, we have repaired the errors of the first constitution, as well as all those errors, frauds, and deceits that by art and artifice that have insulted it, our civilization and our people, since.

And we deny all others past, present and future the opportunity to use art and artifice to undermine, replace, conquer and exterminate our people, our sovereignty, our self-determination, our traditions, institutions, our law, and our unique group strategy that alone has risen us and mankind from a condition of beasts.  And we will deny any and all attempts by any and all peoples, to ever again seek to deprive us or others of sovereignty and self-determination by any other search for universalism, whether military, political, or religious.

The Modern World

The failure of the Constitutional Age has been caused by false promises: the false promise of endless growth, the false promise of the equality of man, the false promise of the malleability of man, the overestimation of man, the denial of our incremental eugenic domestication of man, the lack of rigor in the construction of those Constitutions, the pretense of benevolence by their creators and administrators, the malincentives that each of these frailties creates, and the natural tendencies of all organizations of all scales to maximize rents and exploit all opportunities to the point of failure at costs to human, institutional, and territorial capital, until unable to adapt to changes, innovations, or shocks, and lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the failure of state, court, law, and our people, to adapt to the industrialization of lying made possible by academy, state, bureaucracy, media, entertainment and commerce, and the expurgation of the military and militia and martial character, discipline, and order from our government.

On Correction of The Failures

There exists only one universal law of human cooperation. We call that law ‘Natural Law’. That natural law consists of: Reciprocity.

Reciprocity requires we limit our display word and deed to the  (a) productive, (b) fully informed, (c) warrantied, (d) voluntary transfer of (d) demonstrated interests, (e) free of imposition of costs by externality upon the demonstrated interests of others; where one can obtain a demonstrated interest only by bearing a cost (performing an improvement) for the purpose of obtaining an interest; and one can have no interest until one has born a cost to obtain such an interest.

Conversely, cooperation is not a limitless good. The only reason to cooperate is that it is more advantageous to do so than to separate and boycott, or to engage in parasitism and predation by conquest, murder, looting, pillaging, enslavement, enserfment, forced labor farming,  addiction-farming, sex-farming, tithe farming, tax farming, trade-farming, usury, interest farming, and information-farming, and continuous propaganda and deceits.

This One Natural Law of Reciprocity provides ethical, moral, and legal decidability in matters of conflict independent of opinion, preference, custom, or presumption of good – and is the reason international law is governed by reciprocity. It is the only rule that provides reciprocal (equal) incentive against retaliation for the imposition of costs upon one another. Law evolved, from the first record to the present, for the purpose of preserving the volume, velocity, and returns on cooperation, and preventing the opposite of cooperation: parasitism, predation, and retaliation cycles that throughout history have produced the deleterious effects of conflicts, feuds, and wars.

. . .

Organization by The Natural Law

Our Customary Law consists of the discovery and accumulation of applications of this One Law of Reciprocity that we call Tort law. We have given Legislation (command) and Regulation (prior constraint) the Force of Law by either the population (preservation of returns on cooperation) or the territorial rulers (returns from taxation), or both.

The function of Rule is to Decide. And rulers can decide The Negative: Disputes, The Positive: Directions, or Both Disputes and Directions.

The function of Rule by Discretion ….

The function of Rule Free of Discretion requires Rule of Law.  …..has been the preservation of cooperation by use of organized violence to suppress impositions of costs upon the investments of others. This is the role of insurer of last resort of Personal Interests.

Rights can only exist (a) by reciprocal exchange of the same obligation, and (b) when insured by a third party with sufficient organized violence to defend and enforce restitution for them. Otherwise, they are not rights but impositions that violate the One Law of Reciprocity by means of command. We create a market ‘demand’ for Rights, but those rights do not exist until we organize sufficient violence into rules and institutions to insure those rights: soldiery, police, sheriffs, judges, and the law.

Natural Rights consist of the application of the One Natural Law of Reciprocity to an enumerated list of Man’s Demonstrated Interests within the limits of the One Natural Law of Reciprocity.  By enumerating these rights we educate the population in the proper understanding, prevent misunderstanding, and limit interpretation, abuse, and fraud.

Human Rights consist of Ambitions that we desire from the Governments of States in order to tolerate their retention of a monopoly of control over a territory – or they may suffer replacement by others. They were written as a postwar attempt to constraint governments to improving their territory, people, and assets by market means, without imposition upon their neighbors. Such rights, likewise, do not exist, cannot exist. But serve merely as an ambition, in an era that has passed, and where immigration and religion have returned to weapons of civilizational warfare.

To preserve cooperation, reduce its frictions, risks, and conflicts among sovereign men despite our differences, we evolved a monopoly standard of language, logic, weight, and measure, a monopoly body of rules by which to adjudicate such conflicts (law, legislation, and regulation), a monopoly method of dispute resolution (courts), and monopoly on the application of violence (military, state, court, government, ) to enforce it.

To preserve cooperation by markets within those monopoly rules by which the market is created and maintained, Warriors exchange risk of life and limb for rights of life, death, plunder, and status; Priests exchange warranty of neutrality for rights of care, income, and status; Kings, Judges, Sheriffs, and Police exchange income and status for rights to resolve conflicts in matters of disputes under the law.

The function of Government has been the construction of commons and the extraordinary returns produced by commons, while insuring those commons from the privatization of commons, socialization of losses into the commons, by the organized use of violence. This is the role of the Insurer of Last Resort of the Commons.

The function of the State, with the advent of fiat currency consisting of shares in the State’s economy, has evolved to function as the insurer of last resort, of the assets of the State, against the Hazards of the vicissitudes of nature (disasters, tragedies, accidents, disability, health, old age, and even war).

The function of a Nation-State … (to preserve and prevent)

The function of a Corporate State or Empire… (or to conquer or violate)

Our American Constitution persisted the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, proto-Germanic (and possibly proto-Indo-European) law of sovereign men limited to acts of reciprocity, and licensed the government to act in their interests to preserve their sovereignty (the original text being ‘life, liberty, property’).

The Third Way (middle-class merit) … openly favors the middle ….  top and bottom against the middle, whereas all other options consist of the top and bottom against the middle.

At the time our Constitution of the United States was written, the techniques of formal operational logic and strict construction from first principles were not known. We are no longer so limited, and there is no reason any and every law cannot be constructed formally from the natural law of reciprocity, producing a complete, consistent, and easily falsifiable body of adjudicable law. There is no reason any and every act of legislation, and any and every act of regulation, cannot be so constructed. The principle difference under such formal construction is that the One Law, discovered application of the One Law, regulation to limit hazards of those actions not open to restitution, and contracts for the production of commons would be consistent, and as such the government could only issue contracts under the One Law, not edicts above that One Law.

10) The feminine instinct in political intuition tends toward herd behavior, and the male instinct towards the pack behavior. The Herd lies to mask what is merely theft – they rely on postmodernism (lying by sophistry), and they rely on Marxism (pseudoscience) as well as Freudian and Boasian pseudoscience, and denial of the findings of the sciences. So yes, the Herd (Equalitarians) lie, but the Packs (Meritocrats) cannot tell the truth, even though the truth is quite simple: the reason for the success of Western and Eastern civilizations, has been the upward redistribution of reproduction, and the use of manorialism, taxation, prosecution, and the vicissitudes of nature to limit the reproduction of the underclass until such point that surpluses are sufficient to continually increase the standard of living through continuous market competition and innovation. Man was not oppressed. The man self domesticated through the same process he used for plants and animals: breeding the best and culling the rest. This is the dirty secret of successful civilizations and the failure of the remaining civilizations.

14) Eugenic evolution is against the interests of the Herd.

14) Democracy creates a monopoly that is only sufficient for selection of priorities.  Markets are necessary for cooperation on means despite different ends.

17) Value of scale for insurance of last resort, harm of scale for diversity of commons.

15) And we are prosperous enough to go our separate ways.

16) And the big sort has already happened and will continue.

. . .

Our Choices

We are faced with four choices:

1 – the Settlement of the conflict,
2 – the Evolutionary Strategy to pursue,
3 – the Organization of the polity, and,
4 – the Governance of the polity.

These Choices Consist in:

1 – Regarding Settlement

1. The genocide of the European peoples and culture-cide of their civilization if the minority wins its attempt to create a monopoly.

2. A bloody civil war to prevent the genocide – the bloodiest in history – with an unknown outcome.

3. A reconquest of the territory and rule if the majority wins its attempt to restore monopoly.

4. A deliberate devolution into the states to allow for variation in political preferences between peoples.

2 – Regarding Evolutionary Strategy

( … )

3 – Regarding Organization


Means of Organization

Man can organize by Kin into Nations, by Corporation into States,  by Empire across nations and states, or by Cult Regardless of Nation or State and each is mutually exclusive.


Given the end of European competitive advantages in technology, literacy, education, institutions, and economics, leaving only genetic and cultural advantage;
Given the restoration of the historical world balance of powers between civilizations;
Given the vast impoverished peoples and poor government of them;
Given the condition of North America and South America;
Given the condition of the United States of America;
Given the smallness of our numbers;
Given the vulnerability of western, southern, and eastern Europe;
Given the Remains of the British Empire and our Common interests;
Given the decline in the value of population

Given the options for organizing a polity:

1. Private Domain (Fief, Kin): A Privately Held Territory.
2. Nation, National (Commons, Homogenous): A Commonly held territory between kin.
3. Nation-State (Corporation, Homogenous): Corporation with commonly held assets between kin.
4. State (Corporation, Heterogeneous): a corporation holding assets between heterogeneous peoples, with or without the right of territorial exit.
5. Confederation, Confederated (Alliance, Homogenous): An alliance of independent kin and culture states by treaty, with right of territorial exit.
6. Federation, Federated(Organization, Homogeneous): A hierarchy of Corporate-States or Nation-States with separation of powers between the states and the central government. With or without the right of territorial exit.
7. Empire, Imperial (Organization, Heterogeneous): A Hierarchy of heterogeneous states with separation of powers between the states and the central government, and no right of territorial exit.


None may decide for others without violating the one law reciprocity and settlement by violence and war.


Only an Empire is both possible in practice and truthful in expression.


This Constitution shall transform the United States into:

1. An Imperial State Corporation, holding the territorial assets of the United States and its Possessions, wherein exists no territorial right of exit from that Empire.

2. Ruled by Nomocracy, consisting exclusively of the functions of Insurer of Last Resort, limited to a Judiciary that resolves disputes between the states, and where such disputes are limited to physical property, transport and trade. The Military, The Treasury, and the Insurer.

3. With a Federation of CorporateStates and Nation-States, each producing the commons preferred by their People.

4. Where such States Form, Dissolve, and Confederate into Regions of common interest where not against the interests of others.

5. A devolution of nearly all powers of the Federal Government over social policy and norms to the Several States.


Restoring the United States to the Founder’s vision, reflecting the many ancestral States of Europe, from which the people benefited from State competition. And providing restitution of sovereignty to the peoples of those several states.

4 – Regarding Governance


1 – Obtain exclusive Benefit and Control of the State by the Extermination of Invaders and the Treasonous.

2 – Obtain exclusive Benefit and Control of the State by the Repatriation of Invaders and Extermination or Punishment of the Treasonous.

3 – Obtain exclusive Control and Shared Benefit of the State by Rule of Invaders and Punishment of the Treasonous.

4 – Risk shared Control and Shared Benefit of the State by Cooperation with Invaders and the Treasonous.

5 – Obtain no Control and Benefit of the State by Submission to Invaders and the Treasonous.


(control … )

Conversion of the conspiratorial cities into city-states,

Nationalization of The Federal State, Pre 65 population retains citizenship,
Post 65 population loses citizenship, and has temporary residency

. . .

The Act


( … )


The Constitution of the United States Shall be Amended as Follows:

Regarding the Articles:

Articles I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII are Repealed, and new provisions stated herein.

Regarding the Amendments:

    • Amendment I is repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment II is repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment III is repealed as redundant given provisions herein.
    • Amendment IV shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment V shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment VI shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment VII shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment VIII shall stand, but its provisions further clarified herein.
    • Amendment IX (Retained by the people) shall be repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment X (Retained by the States) is repealed and its new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XI (Sovereign Immunity) is repealed and is new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XII (Presidency) is repealed and alternate provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XIII (Slavery) shall stand, with new provisions for artificial life and intelligence stated herein.
    • Amendment XIV (Reconstruction) is repealed with prejudice as an act of violence against the people, as unconstitutional, and all acts that descend from it repealed and nullified with prejudice.
    • Amendment XV (Voting) is repealed with prejudice, as an act of violence against the people, and all acts that descend from it repealed and nullified with prejudice.
    • Amendment XVI (Income Tax) is repealed and new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XVII (Senators) is repealed and new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XVIII (Prohibition) was repealed by the twenty-first, and shall remain repealed.
    • Amendment XIX (Sex) is repealed and new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XX (Dates) is repealed and new provisions stated herein.
    • Amendment XXI (Repeal) is repealed as redundant and no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXII (President) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXIII (DC) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXIV (Poll Tax) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXV (Presidential Succession) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXVI (Voting Age) is repealed as no longer relevant.
    • Amendment XXVII (Compensation) is repealed as no longer relevant.


The Lex Europaei, The Declaration, and This Constitution and its Articles and Amendments shall constitute the Full Body of This Constitution for any and all purposes. And it exists in continuity as under the Common Law of England before it, as the Rights of Anglo Saxons before them, as of the Common Law of the Germanic Peoples before it, the Roman Law, and the Traditional Law of our Ancient Ancestors before all: The Law of Sovereign Men.


This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Officers, Judges or proxy thereof, shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or Laws of any of the Several States to the Contrary notwithstanding.


In any conflict with between prior Acts, including but not limited to Legislation, Regulation, Findings of Law, or Opinion, or any variation thereof, This Constitution shall be superior to and nullify any and all contrary acts, both in action, word and spirit.


This constitution, being of Natural Law, above that of the reason and will of Man, All People and such Artificial Constructions of Choice that serve human function, regardless of station, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution, and never advocate or act against it, upon pain of permanent death and destruction.


All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the previous Constitution of 1789, as under the Confederation before it.


This Constitution consists in a Treaty containing of the Terms of Settlement of the Second Civil War; the alternative to which is fratricide never before seen on this earth, and consequences that would create war, poverty, desolation the world over; and as such requires no ratification –  as those who would veto the Natural Law have no justification but the unethical, immoral, and evil – and as such are compelled.


This Constitution of The United States is hereby Ascended on this;

The _____ Day Of ___________ Of the Year _________.

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