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-“I’m going through the foundations from the beginning and something came to mind about what makes this different from other systems of thought: While “stuff has nowhere to go” at the foundations of this world, at its top (the human mind) everything has somewhere to go, but only once the delta between the two has been bridged with a complete understanding of how the latter emerges from and can arrive at an understanding of the first. Natural Law, once articulated, warrantied, tested, and finally operationalized in your mind, will make you more calmer, because no matter the phenomenon it will provide you the tools to relate to it and use it in a way that leaves you with an energy surplus. The many boxes it provides for you to sort experiences (the basic transaction of Vitruvian man) into may be powerful, and they are. It is the method though, and the algorithm it uses, that do the work and reap you the rewards. You will not only understand these experiences for what they are: opportunities, threats, or indicators of the same. You will also know how, and possess the agency, to take advantage of them in the same way the universe does: continuous, recursive disambiguation by all means and to no end.”– MB

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