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  • It’s not so much that I favor Christian religion it’s that…

    1) It’s not so much that I favor Christian religion above all others, so much as the catholic church nearly succeeded in uniting the science of cooperation (natural law) with the means of tolerating the stress of adherence to natural law (adaptation) by ritualizing forgiveness.  2) It’s that if we disambiguate and ‘science’ Christianity into its four […]

  • Dear India: It’s Not Racism

    THIS EPISODE OFFENDED ME. European civilization is predicated on the individual’s right to self-determination by self-determined means. All rights are individual. Governments have no rights. Only obligations to their people. So Europeans recognize the right to self-determination of other races, ethnicities, and cultures – as long as that self-determination is achieved by self-determined means. Europeans […]

  • The Scientific Origins of Left vs Right

    SCIENCE OF LEFT VS RIGHT Left = Concentrating resources (consumption) in the self and offspring. Reducible to individual Irresponsibility; producing stagnation, devolution, and dysgenia. Female search for quantity and equality (evasion of competition) – ergo left consistency of emotion rather than logic, minimizing adaptive stress. – vs – Right = Concentrating resources (capitalization) in the […]

  • Dugin Illusions Corrected

    THIS IS FALSE ON BOTH SIDES A) Rule of law by the natural (scientific) law of cooperation, using empirical common law of discovery of conflicts, and concurrent voting discovery of preferences, resulting in markets of aspects of life – as long as we limit concurrency (voting) to those who have demonstrated competency in family(common), business […]

  • Consciousness

    Awareness != Sentience != Consciousness 1. Many animals are aware (react to) – Environment 2. Many are sentient (predict and interact with) – Self3. Few are conscious (negotiate cooperation with) – Others4. And consciousness is a spectrum – Environment, Self, Others, In TimeAFAIK our experience of consciousness emerges from the emergent ability to simulate the […]

  • The Hoax Pattern

    Yesterday, @ScottAdamsSays defined Social Construction using the “Hoax Pattern”: 1.False Accusation 2.False Validation 3.Inflation(amplify) using what-ifs 4.False Confirmation by Lying 5.Keep-Alive by Repetition 6.Claim Plausible Deniability when Falsified 7.The Suggestion Sticks

  • Experts Aren’t…

    Science: Experts produce worse predictions than random chance. Prediction needs: 1. Stable Non-Random Environment 2. Many Repeated Attempts 3. Immediate Feedback 4. Deliberate constant search for improvement by the discovery of new failures to improve upon

  • Notes on Langan vs Kastrup on Jaimungle NOTES: 1) Free Will originates as a legal, philosophical, (and theologically moral) question that means we are responsible for our actions. Without free will we are not responsible for our actions. Yet human cooperation is dependent upon responsibility for our actions. So we DO possess free will, within our domain of executive function, agency, […]

  • The Coming Famine – Why it’s Happening.

    “I find peter zeihans take on demography absolutely fascinating ! China is in very big trouble , their demographics are horrendous . Go figure , 1 child policy actually worked . 500,000,000 give or take will die from an energy induced famine caused by the u.s.a. just going home. Bretton woods only worked cause the […]

  • Simplifying The Problem of Mathiness to First Principles

    LET ME SlMPLlFY TO FIRST PRINCIPLES: “Mathematics is a simple language (Grammar of continuous recursive disambiguation), consisting of one noun(Positional Name), one operation (Addition-Subtraction), and one agreement (Equality). This is the most reductive (simple) language possible. The combination of arbitrary correspondence (what the number refers to), and ordinality(position in the order), produce context independence and […]

  • Dimensions of Education

    Physical: Fitness > Competition > Excellence (Technically, Sport) Emotion: Regulation > Mindfulness > Agency (Technically, Religion) Knowledge: Wisdom > Knowledge > Skill. (Technically, Education) Competency: Self > Family > Community (Technically, Demonstration) Competency: Economic > Political > Social (Technically, Demonstration)

  • Restoring the Family

    Nov 8, 2021· RESTORING THE FAMILY A woman has intrinsic value to a man, so he must only determine her costs. A man has extrinsic value to a woman, so she must only determine her returns. We are going to have to restore the family as the object of policy(not the individual) if we are […]

  • It’s Not Too Late to Restore the Monarchies as Judges of Last Resort

    -“Still wary of Monarchy. After the Queen is dead, is anyone of ability left to fill the role?” – Give them THE LAW as a script, and hole in the population for them to fill by reproduction, and what’s left of the royal families will evolve to FIT the need. IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO […]

  • Want of Certainty Is Conservative Cover for Cowardice

    THERE IS NO SHORTCUT Never, out of fear, or uncertainty, or lack of will, give the enemy visibility into your methods such that at the next opportunity they can outmaneuver them. Want of certainty among conservatives is the equivalent of cowardice. It is the male expression of female cost aversion.

  • Reasons for Unbanning or Unblocking the Useful Idiots

    I have to unblock people pretty frequently. And that’s for a variety of reasons: – PRESUMPTIVE: Given the vast number of ignorant arrogant shit-for-brains on the right, and the amout of time those attention-seekers waste, it’s very easy to MISINTERPRET your comments or posts. – PISSING: Given the number of ignorant, arrogant, lazy shit for […]

  • The Right’s Incompetence

    By Brett Stevens Nov 8, 2021· (a) no solution It is unpopular to take the final step beyond democracy and equality because the herd loves individualism. (b) no strategy Most of them don’t want to win, only to make a big show of being wise martyrs. (c) no leadership Having been raised in this time, […]

  • What Women Truly Want

    Nov 9, 2021 What women truly want:-The authority of a man-The privileges of a woman-The accountability of childrenby Anonymous26 Women, hypersensitivity, hyper-adaptivity, and the problem of self-regulation. If self is the only test that returns decidability, then W/O children, other women with children, and social responsibility what would we expect the decidability of the ‘female […]

  • The Geneology of Feminine, Abrahamic, Marxist, Woke Warfare Against Civilization

    Woke Is Just Another in The Long History of Feminine Abrahamic Method of Destruction of Advanced Civilization ( generations of abrahamic warfare, table of marxism)