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  • Occidente requiere de liderazgo masculino

    Por Alberto R. Zambrano U., MD. Texto original aquí El feminismo ha castrado a occidente en formas inusitadas: Gracias a esas políticas tenemos a ISIS y una generación de hombres castrados y desconectados de su verdadero sentido de ser ¿Por que los jóvenes están molestos e iracundos? Porque su futuro les está siendo robado. Las […]

  • The Portfolio of Privileges and Underprivileges

    Guest Post by Michael Phillip [S]ince social status is conferred in many different ways — everything from race to geography to class — all people are both privileged and non-privileged in certain aspects of their life. Furthermore, since dynamics of social status are highly dependent on situation, a person can benefit from privilege in one […]

  • Racism Is Curable: By Eliminating Demand for It

    RACISM AND REVERSE RACISM: OR PERHAPS IT’S TRIVIALLY SIMPLE AND SUCH DISCUSSION IS DISHONEST In response to Matt Zwolinski : http://bleedingheartlibertarians.com/2014/11/on-reverse-racism-three-thought-experiments/ [F]acts: 1) The distribution of physical desirability for mating, the demonstrated behaviors of impulsivity and time preference, aggression, and demonstrated intelligence vary between individuals. (true)2) The social classes are organized by these distributions due to […]

  • Ending Demand For Racism

    (positioning)(achieving equality) [T]he only reason your race is behind my race or any other race is the difference between rates of reproduction of the classes. Just as my race is behind or a head of other races because of our suppression or lack of suppression of birth rates at the bottom. That’s it. So fix […]

  • My Position on Race

    [I] don’t care about your race. I care about your IQ, impulsivity, aggression, time preference, degree of suppression of free riding, and total integration into every possible aspect of the culture. You are not going to find anyone, me included, caring about the immigration of smart, un-impulsive, non-aggressive, low time preference (long term thinking), individuals. […]