Do People With Mba’s Run More Successful Businesses? Why?

It appears from the data that floats around the internet, that an MBA will help your career in a large company. It does not appear that an MBA (or any education for that matter) will help you as an entrepreneur.  Hard work, likability, the ability to sell ideas and persuade, and a little bit of money seem to matter the most.   I do believe that the books used in an MBA program will help a young CEO who already has a startup and who better wants to understand what capital will do for him.

Most of the education any entrepreneur needs comes from mastery of the strengths and weaknesses of his industry, and deep knowledge of his customers, and the ability to accumulate customers by working harder for them than his competitors.  The most common problem I have found with new entrepreneurs is that they have very little competitive advantage, and are little more than also-rans. It’s very hard to sell something that’s ‘just as good as everything else’.

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