Um. Liberals might ‘suck’ but that’s not the point I’m making.

I do not say liberals ‘suck’ I say that they do not comprehend conservatives and that conservative language is to blame. This needs to be fixed if we are to have a democratic polity with rational debate.

I have articulated that these differences are nothing more than reproductive strategies writ large. I’ve articulated the difference in complexity in these strategies. And I’ve left the CHOICE UP TO EVERYONE ELSE, that once these facts are known, that we can conduct rational political debate with the full knowledge that we are arguing instincts as well as evolutionary strategies, and that these instincts and strategies present irresolvable conflicts. SInce conflicts are irresolvable, the only solution is compromise, The only compromise that is possible is exchange. The libertarian solution to social conflict is voluntary exchange.

That is the line of reasoning. With that line of reasoning, it becomes possible to conduct rational discourse by debating, not ultimate truths – because we now know that they are permanently in conflict – but by negotiating exchanges. In my work I recommend that we improve the institutions of government so that they are not winner-take-all conflicts as we have today, but that the houses of government return to their greek and english class structures which allows cooperation between classes with competing and irreconcilable differences, rather than conduct class warfare because our political system is winner-take-all.

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