Sad Revelations And The End Of Hero Worship

[I] just realized the my intellectual hero is not interested in liberty, he is interested in obtaining status by demonstrating that he is an alpha. Libertarianism was just a vehicle for demonstrating it. And that is why his arguments are so heavily loaded and framed. Sure, there is also valuable content there, but it is obscured by signal seeking, sycophancy, ridicule, empty verbalism, anti-empiricism, deceptive framing, shoddy selective reasoning, and obscurantist fallacy. So apparently one can learn a lot about the method of argument from Marxists if you study them.

By contrast, I don’t matter. I don’t need to earn a living from my philosophical work. I’ve obtained my status already – and frankly I’d rather live simply having done it. My goal is not recognition, not status, but to obtain liberty. This is war for the soul if not survival of the west. I’m just a warrior. And I want to win. Not just for me, but for all of us.

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