Truth Telling Forms The Basis Of A Moral Society That Depends Upon Property Rights

[A]merican culture, like english culture, was organized to enforce truth telling, truth telling alone will enforce private property rights. The goal of the Progressive (socialist) Intellectuals (new yorkers) was to assault the culture of truth telling, as provincial, since it imposed a threat to their evolutionary strategy.

We focus on property rights encoded in law, such that we defend ourselves from the state. But Truth Telling if it is the law that prevents violence, alone prevents involuntary transfer, by outlawing the means of involuntary transfer – whereas Intersubjectively verifiable property rights and relativism allow for the perpetuation of multiculturalism (lying and stealing).

In other words, it is not property rights but truth telling that forms the basis of moral society that depends upon property rights.

Enforcement of IVP property rights is insufficient for the formation of a polity that respects property rights. Instead, such a polity must enforce truth telling, expressed as property rights.

(Damn. I didn’t expect to come to that conclusion.)

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