Is Multiculturalism Good For Independent Thinkers Who Don’t See Themselves As Part Of Any Group In A Multiculural City/society?


Multiculturalism is permissible as a short term luxury that increases consumption by servicing a multitude of consumers, without requiring that consumers pay the cost of adapting to the norms of the host culture.  For this reason, both the sellers and the consumers obtain what they want at a discount. Unfortunately the discount is short term, as multiculturalism decreases trust, and increases political friction,  both of which increase transaction costs.  This is why, over the long term, multiculturalism occurs at the expense of the high trust society’s norms that made the wealth possible, that made the temporary luxury of multiculturalism possible.

So no, multiculturalism is a a form of overconsumption. We may like it but it’s not ‘good’ by any measure. It is in fact, one of the surest ways to lead to conflict and civil war.

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