Rule of Law Is Sacred to Western Man

–“our prophet is sacred to us”–

[R]ule of law is more sacred than our lives. Rule of law requires we speak, and understand the truth, not myth.

The reason for the velocity of western advancement in all fields is that we tell the truth whether it hurts or not, whether it offends or not – a man must earn respect by speaking the truth, not myth – rather than receive respect for his folly. Western man has systematically eliminated error from man’s mind by demanding the truth in all walks of life.

As a political question then, why does a man have a right to believe false things? We cannot stop him from his beliefs in false things, but we can stop him from spreading his beliefs in false things. We can prevent it from his speech. We can prevent it from his publications. We can prevent it from his commerce, his law, and his politics.

The source of western exceptionalism is truth telling – even if it hurts.

Muslims living in the west are not given special privilege to escape our most sacred value: truth.


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