Civic Evolution

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[T]he Ancestry of Cooperative Institutions:

1) TEMPLE(adds cooperation)
2) —–>CHURCH(adds education)
3) ————->BANK(adds production)?
Were the templars the highest political order we achieved? (yes?)

I have been fairly certain that the most important recent institutional development has been the Credit Union.

But what if your credit union also offered education?

Individual + Family + Education + Credit Union + Insurance.
Individual + Partnership + Banking + Investing + Treasury.
Individual + Unit + Regiment + Militia.
Individual + House + Government + The Law.

(Is the central bank the central force prohibiting the conversion of Credit Unions into the central means of producing a civic order?)

I think this is my big idea for Q3 2015.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute.
Kiev, Ukraine

Source: Curt Doolittle

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