I Love Everybody. So Go Hang Some Politician 🙂

[I] Love everybody. I’m a Christian.  That’s what it means to be Christian.

It’s one thing to deny the differences in our distributions. It’s one thing deny we vote in blocks. One thing to want to limit sacrifices to kin. But it’s something altogether different to fucking hate people. This is why I get frustrated with the right. We have lunatics and autistics in libertarianism, and they hate the abstract thing called the state. But the right has these lunatics that just hate other humans.

Instead of saying ‘what is wrong with us that we fail to protect ourselves?’ they criticize others for satisfying their own strategies. THE PROBLEM IS US, NOT THEM. You wanna hate? Hate OUR people that did this. But don’t others for seeing the walled garden and wanting to live in it. That’s insane.

I want to know how to protect my tribe from losing its competitive advantage: high trust and the commons. And I’m as kin-selection oriented as the next guy. And I don’t like immigrating MORE of the below 105 median peoples into a high trust society when I can see Mathusian limits to work on the horizon.

But I don’t hate people. People are pretty stupid wetware machines that just follow breadcrumbs. I get frustrated like everyone else. I get angry like everyone else. But you know, the blame is due the guy that’s looking at you in the mirror who isn’t out there shooting some politician in the head for what he or she has done. It’s not in the people wanting to live in our high trust society.

Find a way not to leave the breadcrumbs.

Source: Curt Doolittle

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