Revolution: Threats by Which We Raise The Cost of the Status Quo


The Burnings:
(a) the advocates of lying, deceit, and pseudoscience (people: public intellectuals)
(b) the executors of lying, deceit, pseudoscience (bureaucrats)
(b) the institutions of pseudoscience (academy, bureaucracy, media)
(c) the works of pseudoscience (Freudianism, marxism, Keynesianism, postmodernism)
(d) the advertising of ugliness, deceit, and pseudoscience (modern and postmodern art)

Burn the “Cathedral Complex” to ashes.

It’s not just statues of Lenin and Stalin that need to be destroyed. It’s statues to lying, deceit, and pseudoscience: all the works of the “era of deceit” – the Pseudoscientific and postmodern period.

That is how it is done. Crucifying, Impaling, Guillotining, Hanging, Breaking, and Burning. It’s a very clear, informationally dense message.

The Albigensian solution: Eradicate the lies as the Egyptians eradicated monotheism, and as the Christians eradicated stoicism and polytheism; and as the church eradicated the Albigensians, and as the Marxists and socialists eradicated truth, goodness and beauty.

End the tyranny of lies.  Restore the Truthful Civilization: The Civic Society.

Curt Doolittle
The Philosophy of Aristocracy
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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