Do Rich People Ever Fly Coach?

I fly coach if I’m paying for it and if my performance won’t suffer, and business or first class if I’m stressed and my performance will suffer, or if I’m working and want to circumvent the lines.  I don’t fly it to feel privileged.  Generally speaking, if you want to avoid the unwashed masses, stick to better airlines and pay slightly higher coach fees rather than just the lowest ticket price.

Flying is very stressful on your body, on your senses, on your mind because of the high volume of background noise.   No amount of catering in first class will change that.  DRINKING WATER WILL.  First class and business class travel is less taxing on the body, and on the mind.

First and Business class is largely for business travelers who must preserve their energy, because they cannot rest or relax when they land, and other people depend upon them being productive when they do land. It is not so much for the catering, which people who are wealthy come to simply expect, or ignore, but not feel special about.   If you travel a great deal airplane business class becomes your only place to relax, because it is the only space that is familiar. Sometimes we confuse the fact that the calm look on business class travellers’ faces is because they are more familiar with the experience of flying, not because the seats are so much better.

READ THE MILLIONAIRE MIND: Rich people are rich because they work hard, and are patient. Most people cannot suppress their desire to ‘daydream’ or avoid work as long as people who are rich do (this is called time preference).  The rich outliers are statistical anomalies who have won a life lottery.  Most people who are balance sheet wealthy saved money or grew and sold businesses over very long periods of time, while training themselves to “appreciate present goods over future perfections”. 

This is something that it is difficult to train humans to do, but it is possible. And as such, it is possible to train yourself to do.

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